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Bigger Is Not Always Better – Five Reasons Why Smaller Agencies Are Right For You


When deciding on what type of advertising agency to hire, keep in mind that bigger is not always better. Smaller agencies create award-winning advertising with a flexible price tag while offering a unique personality that shows not only through their work but personal relationships with clients. Here are 5 reasons to consider selecting a smaller advertising agency to create your company’s next marketing campaign.

Why Smaller Agencies Are Right For You

1. The Price Is Right

Every business owner knows that budgeting outside resources can be challenging. Luckily, when hiring a smaller agency there is greater opportunity for price negotiation. Not only are smaller agencies willing to work with their clients but they also offer innovative ideas to stretch your budget, essentially giving you more bang-for-your-buck.

2. Overall Flexibility

Smaller agencies are flexible. Large agencies have many layers of management that can lead to miscommunication. At smaller agencies fewer layers creates efficiency and streamlines requests and comments preventing errors and omissions ultimately resulting in getting it right the first time.

3. Prioritization

At a smaller agency, the client is always the priority. Research has shown that in a pitch with a small agency you will meet 20-25% of the team and only 1% of a larger agency’s team will be represented the first time you meet them. From the pitch to executing the advertising campaigns, clients receive more individualized attention and account teams make it their business to develop personal relationships in order to strengthen the understanding of every client’s vision and goals to develop the most effective marketing and communications strategy.

4. Quick Turnaround Time

Smaller agencies are nimble and allow for faster turnaround time for demanding deadlines. Larger agencies divide responsibilities into layers of departments that can lead to too many processes and steps to respond quickly to client demands. In a smaller agency, most team members wear many different hats and understand the “buck stops with me” attitude.

5. Raw Talent

If you are looking for creative marketing that exceeds your expectations than a smaller agency may be just what you’re looking for. Smaller agencies hire and inspire creative designers and writers with an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to an out-of-the-box thought process for developing innovative and original ideas. Smaller agencies create environments that encourage a team effort that utilizes different points of views leading to some of the most powerful and result oriented advertising and marketing campaigns that create loyal clients and long-standing marketing partnerships.

For more information on how a smaller agency can help you develop innovative design solutions for your company’s marketing, contact our local Atlanta Advertising Agency today. 

infinitee’s Competitive Advantage – A National Women Business Owners Corporation



With determination and years of real estate marketing strategy experience, Barbara McGraw and Jocelyn Smith founded infinitee in 1989. They opened their doors with three clients and one full-time employee and now manage a thriving 25-year-old marketing and advertising agency providing clients noteworthy gender-based insights for marketing to women by creating loyalty and demand for hundreds of retail brands.

Setting themselves apart from the competition, they joined the National Women Business Owners Corporation in 2010 to network with other women owned businesses and to connect with companies who work with minority owned firms. The NWBOC organization developed a national certification program for women business owners to recognize the benefits of contracting with women suppliers. Only a small percentage of corporate and government contracts are with women-owned firms. NWBOC helps promote businesses by giving them access to over 1,000 private and public sector purchasing contacts setting them apart in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Barb and Jocelyn are one of the longest standing women-owned marketing firms and partnerships in the Atlanta, GA area. Despite women holding 52% of all professional-level jobs, only 14.6% hold executive level officer positions. infinitee is proud to be a part of an organization that recognizes women owned businesses and supports #WomenRunWorkplace. Join our cause today by lending your support by clicking the link to our 25th Anniversary Thunderclap campaign so that we can reach our goal of 1000 supporters.

Help share our Thunderclap campaign today: hubs.ly/y09CL-0

10 Shopping Technology Trends To Watch


Scientists and engineers are inventing technologies that will affect the way companies not only market their brands but what new products they create. Here are the top 10 shopping technology trends to watch.

10 Shopping Technology Trends To Watch 

Facial Recognition

You have heard of motion sensing but what about “emotion” sensing? Cameras are being embedded into mannequins to pick up on customer reactions to products while audio sensing ears pick up keywords from customer discussions. Toyota is equipping cars with dashboard cameras that sense drowsiness and road rage sending you a signal to wake up or calm down. Microsoft is creating technology for bra manufacturers that will detect temperature, heart rate and perspiration and may even control binge eating.

Wearable Technology

Innovative design solutions for wearable products include narrative clips that take pictures every 30 seconds to document your life, eyeglasses with HD video that syncs to the cloud, contact lenses that sense blood sugar levels, and sports helmets that measure impacts on athletes to determine possible concussions.

Haptic touch

Haptic technology is a physical feedback technology that reacts through applying forces, vibrations or motions to users. This technology is being used in remote controllers to allow for a more physical interactive experience while playing video games. Video screens can now mimic fabrics with a simple touch of the screen through vibrations that simulate the texture.


Gamification encourages loyalty with brands and interactive marketing. Some experts predict that over 70% of companies will have some kind of gamification in the near future. Fuel Good is a new free mobile phone app designed to help you track fuel efficiency for each car journey you make.  It can track your car journeys, flagging when you’re driving inefficiently and at the end of your journey, provides a summary of distance travelled, time taken, average miles per gallon and the savings you could make by driving more efficiently. Snooze is an alarm app that donates a quarter to a non-profit organization (under the LetGive umbrella) every time you hit the snooze button when you're feeling lazy and can't get out of bed. The app doesn't force you to donate but it makes it easier. It will asks you two times a month if you would like to donate your snooze hits to the non-profit of your choice.

Smart Appliances

Smart refrigerators can now take inventory of its contents and text you when you are in a grocery aisle containing a specific food you need. Home security, ovens, lights and heating and air can all be controlled via your smartphone with a click of a button as you leave or arrive home resulting in not only extra convenience but saving money.

3D Printing

Customized 3D printing of anything you desire is now a reality. Fashion retailers are using 3D printing to create custom fabrics and accessories. Medical companies use it to replicate body parts for knee replacements. And how about your very own signature edible Oreo available via specially equipped vending machines when you tweet #TrendingVending, #EatTheTweet?

Food Innovation

IBM recently had a cognitive cooking kitchen for food trucks product launch. The trucks have robots that create your dish through requests on Twitter, creating some incredible and very unique recipes. Pare Lab is an app grocers can use to let consumers know about special sales on extra inventory or food that is nearing an expiration date.

Smart Highway

Think futuristic cities and you have electronic automated taxis in priority lanes and solar powered smart roads and cars that adjust to weather conditions, cooling and heating road surfaces as needed.

Crowd Funding

Fundraise allows real estate investors to cut out unnecessary middleman by giving access to great investment opportunities at a lower cost with more transparency than ever before. Fundraise has over 31,000 members, from 460 companies with over $59 billion of assets under management.

The Internet

A new medical condition “Nomophobia”, otherwise known as an addiction to you cell phone is a reality for many who have become dependent upon having access to information 24/7. People are so addicted to their phone and smart devices that they now consider them remote controllers of their lives and would rather go without food than their phone.

Technology and science will continue to influence how consumers engage with brands in more ways then we can ever imagine. So hold onto your devices and get ready for warp speed advancements in every part of your daily life. To stay abreast of the latest shopping technology trends contact our Atlanta advertising agency today. 

Branding – The Devil Is In The Detail


Advertising and branding is about the details

What constitutes a quality brand? The attention paid to detail and if managed properly, a brand will never depreciate. In fact, it can increase in value year after year. Although it can’t be measured like sales, market share or stock price, it can be a victim of semantics and be referred to as reputation. Most companies would avoid doing anything that harms their reputations, but often companies forget about managing their brand.

Branding does not just live in the “marketing department.” Branding includes everything a company does, from the design of the corporate identity logo on its letterhead, to the way it handles customer service complaints and how employees interact with customers. Essentially, there isn’t anything that anybody within your organization does (or fails to do) that doesn’t affect how your brand is perceived.

Not long ago, I purchased a pair of jeans from a well-known upscale specialty store that I am a “club” member of. The store was out of my size but kindly called another nearby store and placed my order with them. The jeans were to be delivered directly to my home. I left the store feeling appreciative for their help, but after a week went by (the store was less than 10 miles from my home) and I did not receive my jeans, I called the store to check on the delivery. I was told by the sales associate after being on hold for over five minutes that delivery’s can take up to 10-days. I quickly told the sales associate that had I known that, I would have just driven to the other store and picked them up. With no apology, she responded by saying if I did not have them within the next week to call her again and she would see what was up. I suggested she call me to check.

A week later and still no jeans, I placed the call. Again, after trying to find my paperwork and information about the delay, I was told that the store had lost the order and was reassured they would send the jeans out within the week. Two weeks later my jeans finally arrived. The moral of this story, no matter how great your product is and brand, if personnel representing it are not properly trained in customer service and procedures (including autonomy to think outside the box), then you are missing a big component to customer retention.

Perhaps the manager of the store could have apologized for not informing me of the 10-day delivery policy as well as not following up with me, and ultimately could have taken the bull by the horns and considered driving to the store herself and hand delivering the jeans to my home with an additional 10% off coupon for my next store visit. Asking too much? Maybe, but I have not been back in that store since this incident.

Effective branding enhances margins and keeps long-term customers who are willing to pay more for products and services with companies they know and trust. Branding can also improve the internal dynamics of an organization and influence both recruiting and employee turnover. Ever heard of the Glass Door website? Look it up if you want to find out what employees are saying about companies.

It’s easy to think about branding just in terms of the latest-and-greatest social media marketing, viral video, or smartphone app. Doing so means missing the fundamental, timeless principles that go well beyond the trendy and transient. The totality of the details means you have to think about how the sales force and support team treats customers. These details may even be transmitted subconsciously. Expertly executed details may be imperceptible to most but they should create a sense of magic and wonder. Advertising and branding should be thought of in the same way. Yes, the big idea is important, but success hinges on execution, consistency, and attention to each and every word. Define the brand with succinct messaging, but also trust that consumers will recognize the collective positive attributes of the brand rather than just its tagline. Make sure your communications are well crafted and recognizable for all touch points.

And don’t ever forget that understanding how real humans interact in the real world can make the most significant impact on your business.

25 Years of Real Estate Marketing History –The Early Years


Jocelyn SmithBarbara McGraw

How infinitee was Born

Barbara McGraw and Jocelyn Smith met during the late 80’s. Jocelyn was Vice President of Sales at 3 Score, the largest direct marketing agency in the southeast. After 7 years with the agency, Jocelyn established a new division at the agency specializing in shopping center direct marketing and catalog production. Barbara was a Regional Marketing Manager for The Rouse Company and became a client of Jocelyn’s. After working together for a couple of years, they became friends and when the shopping center division grew, Jocelyn convinced Barbara to join the agency as the VP of Marketing for the division.

3 Score was soon sold to a larger conglomerate called CadmusCom and a new direction for the vision of the agency ended in the elimination of the shopping center division. Barbara and Jocelyn approached several of their long standing clients and asked if they would continue to work one on one with them if they started their own full service advertising and marketing agency dedicated to the industry. Three clients said yes and in December 1989, they opened their doors. Hello, infinitee! With a $25K investment, one employee, two typewriters, three phones, a shared office space, copier and fax machine they began their quest to become a well-known Atlanta real estate advertising firm. 

25 years of Making Real Estate Marketing History

Jocelyn and Barb sublet their first office in the Atlanta Financial Center in 1989 from MuCulloch+Company, a media services company that had represented Barb while she was with The Rouse Company. In the first year, Kelly Nation, infinitee’s first and longest standing employee, joined the infinitee team and remains the company’s sales consultant today. With their reputable industry experience and a lot of passion, Barb and Jocelyn exceeded their revenue expectations and were able to pay back their loans and pay full salaries in the first year.

After only a few years, infinitee received its first award, The Retail Advertising Award, doubled in size and made its first $1 million. infinitee’s client roster diversified and quickly grew and the dynamic duo embraced the ongoing technological advancements debuting everyday including Apple computers, the Internet, cell phones, email, culminating in launching their first website in 2001. Exemplifying a culture of self-starters and creative strategic thinkers, they continued to add to their team of professional designers, writers, and brand managers while maintaining their promise to create an environment people would embrace and want to be a part of.

Through the millennium, infinitee continued to prosper and win an ample amount of awards for both their work and spotlights on their leadership. Since inception, infinitee has acquired 39 awards from American Marketer of the Year, Who’s Who in Business, Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council Professionalism Award, “Top 25 Places to Work” and “Top 15 Best Places to Work” both by Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” by Business Resources and numerous Communicator Awards. infinitee has enhanced client performance, improved consumer loyalty and brand recognition while remaining a tight-knit team with a work environment that employees continually desire to be a part. infinitee is a leading marketing and advertising agency, going 25 years strong now, while Barb and Jocelyn also hold the longest standing women-owned marketing agency and partnership in the city of Atlanta.

To learn more about the infinitee team, philosophy, or our mission to constantly and consistently enhance client performance, contact us today

Real Estate Trend: Millennials Influence Office Space Design and Functionality


Millenials influence real estate trends and office functionality

The millennial generation is influencing design and functionality of office environments. This age group born between 1981 and 2000 represents 38% of the work force. The older age bracket of this group, those in their mid-30’s, are demanding innovative space planning and amenities. Employers need to realize the need to appeal to this demographic group.

“Real estate decisions regarding office space are also being driven by fierce competition for employee recruitment and retention” according to Ada Healey, Vice President of Real Estate at Seattle-based owner/developer Vulcan Inc.

An office floor plan and design has always been an essential factor in attracting notable and highly recruited job candidates.  Savvy companies acknowledge this fact by incorporating new innovations into their workspace centered on the idea of a work-life atmosphere. Meaning that Millennials not only want a place to work but a place to live, work and play as evident in recent year’s top real estate marketing ideas for mixed-used including the trendy open-office space design.

Not only do these creative real estate marketing strategies include revolutionary use of technology but they also capitalize on the new “lifestyle” that attracts millennials. A GlenStar property in Chicago, 55 East, plans on adding a number of new amenities for the younger worker including a 4,000-square-foot bike room on the property. This collaboration of amenities and technology promote flexibility and a balance in work and lifestyle.

“We are seeing office tenants across all industries focusing on space optimization, increased collaboration, enhanced culture, employee wellness and the ability to attract, engage and retain top talent,” Gary Baragona, Director of Research and Analysis for CBRE, stated.

Real estate marketers are finding creative and inventive ways to portray these changes they are making to attract millennials in terms of office space and design. By collaborating with advertising agencies and social media strategists, they are beginning to effectively promote this real work-life atmosphere to millennials via touchpoints this group engages in everyday.

For more information on marketing and social media strategies in real estate contact our local Atlanta Advertising Agency today.

Empowering Women Through Thunderclap Social Media Campaign


infinitee Thunderclap Banner

Women hold 52% of all professional-level jobs, 60% of undergrad degrees, 47% law degrees, 48% medical and 44% masters in business and management degrees, yet women only represent 14.6% of female executive officers and only 8.1% are the top earners in their family. These astounding statistics resonate with infinitee, a 25 year-old, women owned full-service marketing and advertising agency. To celebrate the longevity of the company and their long-standing partnership, they want to go bigger than celebrating their company - they want to celebrate and promote all working women and women run workplaces around the world!

To do this they have partnered with the Atlanta, GA affiliate of the international organization, Dress for Success to promote their Professional Women’s Group program. The Professional Women’s Group focuses on giving women the partnership of support, practical information and inspiration to achieve self-defined success in their career and in life. One of their leading programs, the Professional Women’s Group, provides clients with information that will help women unfamiliar with the workplace continue to develop skills and advance in their careers. The PWG offers members a comfortable atmosphere in which they can share, grow and network with other women who have recently made the same transition into the workforce.

In order to accomplish the goal of raising awareness about Dress For Success Atlanta's Professional Women’s Group they are using a new social media platform, Thunderclap. Thunderclap is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together across the web. This means that no matter how big the corporation or how small the individual, they can be heard through a greater cause and platform. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, in order to rise above the noise of other social networks. When an organization sets a goal, Thunderclap allows users to share that Thunderclap page with the user’s followers. Thunderclap also keeps track of how many followers each sharer has via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and calculates a total number of followers reached. When the goal is met, Thunderclap sends out the designated message through every campaign users’ profiles that have supported the cause at one time, creating a mass message in a digital flash-mob style. The Thunderclap campaign can be promoted through links in statuses, tweets and blog posts or even website buttons. Essentially Thunderclap capitalizes on word of mouth marketing that social media so easily provides.

infinitee Thunderclap

Infinitee has set their goal at 1,000 supporters to be met by November 1, 2014. They believe that with the Thunderclap campaign they can successfully raise awareness for Dress For Success Atlanta and their Professional Women’s’ Group for all of the help they provide to women in the workplace.

Help infinitee share the message through their Thunderclap campaign: http://thndr.it/1wzHMqS

Creating a Dominant Content Marketing and Communications Strategy


Content Marketing and Communication Strategy

Never before have businesses been on the same playing field. With advancements to the Internet and online marketing, more businesses are leveraging the rewards of a global marketplace and the game is becoming harder to play. Social media, more importantly, has played a large role in this globalization phenomenon and with revolutionizing company’s marketing strategies.

With the competition becoming ever so hot, companies are finding ways to cut down on unnecessary verbiage and include more vital information in their marketing materials. This vital information is known as “key words” or “buzz words”.  Including this crucial wording in your marketing content will allow for search engines to better find your postings and thus generate more consumer traffic.

When developing content marketing it is important to cover all of your bases in terms of diversifying your media and content—blog posts, images, videos, etc. Ensuring that your strategy covers a wide range of media outlets is a key component to increasing your presence and brand recognition.

Optimizing your posts will not only allow for more traffic but it will also create more applicable content strategy for your marketing campaigns. With that goal in mind, your marketing campaigns will be able to best target the right audience and garner attention.

A good thing to remember when posting any content is to make sure that it is shareable. One way to guarantee that your post passes this test is to view your content as a two-way directed link. Two-way directed links allow open dialogue on your posting’s particular topic and ideas. There is no better marketing tool than a post that encourages discussion and conversations, so be sure that the content in your initial post is thought provoking and interesting.

Creating buzzing online discussions or hot topics is a great way to get your companies’ service offerings and brand into the pubic eye. Developing posts that solve problems in your particular industry will drive more traffic to your postings and your companies’ services.

When optimizing and creating more effective posts, it is crucial to have a basic social media strategy that will allow for a clear vision of your business’ objective. To best convey this vision, develop content that is appealing to the audience your business targets. In return, this simple practice will generate an enhanced ROI for your business while also improving your search engine rankings. 

For more information on establishing a dominant content marketing strategy, contact our Atlanta Advertising Agency.

Millennial Trends For Student Housing


With today’s ever growing technology and tech savvy students, it only makes sense that student housng companies take note and accomidate these students in their love for technology. Some new trends are starting to develop in student housing that will have any techy going nuts. Here’s the list.

Residential Real Estate Security System

1. Pay Online

Many student housing companies are shifting from the old fashion way of paying rent to modernized payments online. Philadelphia-based Campus Apartments, the nation’s oldest student housing company, recently added facebook Connect to its SmartClick payment system. This newly devloped system allows for students to pay rent electronically, view their tenant leger and make service requests.

Companies using Facebook has made it extremely easy for students and parents to access their accounts and stay ontop of their payments. Social media has been increaslingly popular way to get students ingaged with their landlords and other tenants. 

2. Service at the touch of a button

Many student Housing Companies are finding that implementing technology into the design not only helps the students but also themselves. By adding in features that allow for students to pay washing machines and other appliances by credit cards make for an easy process for everyone.

Princenton Heartland Payment Systems Campus Solutions recently introduced mobile technology, remote monitoring, and cashless transactions-cababilties to the student laundry services. The system allows for students to pay for laundry services with a debit card instead of cash or coins. 

3. Lock by phone

Accessing home secuirty through mobile devices is a new trend in residential real estate that is booming. This has been an exceptionally popular trend among student housing because, let’s face it, some students can be forgetful. The technology allows for instant access to your home security through any mobile. Some systems allow for locking ability on the apps. 

For more information on how to modernize and tech-up your residential real estate properties Contact our local Real Estate Advertising Agency Atlanta

Why Local SEO Could Help Your Business


SEO Strategy for local searches

A recent study done by Google found that 18% of local searches on a smartphone lead to a purchase within a day, compared to just seven percent of non-local searches. These high percentages also compared with other mobile devices, i.e. tablets and desktops. Google also found that more consumers wanted their local advertising and marketing to be customized to their city. Not only did this study show that more consumers were using local searches but they were also looking online before purchasing.

More companies are paying closer attention to the importance of local SEO and how it drives organic traffic that results in sales. These statistics demonstrate the growth of more localized searches and why indoctrinating this strategy into your SEO plan is an essential part of attracting online customers who want to find a local service or product.

Some ways to implement these local searches into your strategy include going back to the basics. First, creating a landing page for each location of your business allows for better local searches. Designing and optimizing these pages towards a local area directs traffic specifically to the desired area. These pages should include unique URL’s, so that search engines can better match every local inquiry.

Second, develop locally centric content. This one seems like a no-brainer but if not applied then all your efforts are for not. Make sure that each individual landing-page is information specific to its local area. Small things like updated hours and store products can go a long way.

Third, utilize digital directories in your SEO strategy. Digital directories work as citations for each location. Search engines allow for these citations to be counted individually and use them to check the accuracy and legitimacy of your business’ information. This will establish online creditability for your business.

Lastly, customer reviews are one, if not, the most important aspects of marketing your business online. Google found that 85% of consumers look at product reviews before purchasing. By giving customers the option to leave ratings and/or comments you create a way for customers to leave their feedback for other viewers.

For more information on how to best implement a local SEO Strategy contact our local Atlanta Advertising Agency. 

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