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The Latest Innovative Design Solutions in Websites: Infinite Scroll


What is the Infinite Scroll?

We’ve all seen the infinite scroll in some digital strategy or another. Most notably are social media networks. From Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram and more, users can scroll endlessly while new content is loaded. Now, businesses are adopting this innovative design solution too. The question, however, is to figure out if infinite scrolling is right for your business and operations.

Innovate Design Solutions – Infinite Scroll resized 600


Pros & Cons of the Infinite Scroll

Mobile Responsiveness – infinite scrolling seems to be built for mobile devices. It takes little effort for the end user to navigate a website from their thumb, increasing engagement and content absorption. You can showcase a lot of data and it’s updated immediately.

Increased Page Views – According to QuickSprout, page views increase enormously as each time a user continues to scroll and more content is loaded, that counts as a new page in Google Analytics. 

Decreased Interaction Cost – Because the website exists on a single page with interlinks only, it requires less build out of internal, secondary and tertiary pages significantly lowering interaction costs.

Hurts SEO – For years, innovative design solutions preached SEO. Search engine optimization was everything from having enough content on your site to using the right keywords, meta descriptions, alt tags, images, organized silos, inbound and outbound links, and more. The infinite scroll forgoes 90% of traditional SEO practices as it’s built in JavaScript and most search engines cannot crawl JavaScript. Search Engine Watch states: “One of the major challenges that you may encounter in trying to implement Infinite Scroll is indexing.” The only content a search engine will see when it lands on your page is what’s first presented to a user. This means this content needs to be as highly relevant and optimized to your company as possible. Another solution to combat these issues is through interlinking among the infinite scroll. 

User Limitations – infinite scroll websites do not provide a search tool to look for something specific or a skip option to jump to other content. (However, an appropriate interlinking strategy can adjust for this if done correctly and if all page content is valued equally.) There is also no footer on the JavaScript website design and therefore your business forgoes a standard CTA for information.

Is the Infinite Scroll right for you?

Concise Business: If your company’s website design currently has little information that rarely changes, you could use an infinite scroll with an appropriate interlinking strategy. It’s important that all content on your site have equal value. For instance, this may be a great option for a mixed-use development as you can promote retail, office and living through an appropriate interlinking strategy while being user friendly and showcasing the latest new store announcements, news and events.

Image Intense Business: Images work best for infinite scrolling, i.e. Instagram, Tumblr, etc. If you have an image intense site, this can be an effective digital design solution as well.

Ecommerce Sites: infinite scrolling will significantly hurt your ecommerce site. Entrepreneur explains how Etsy tried it for sometime and quickly realized users could not search for specific products, skip ahead or navigate the site based on their specific needs.

If you’re in the process of exploring new website solutions for your business, contact Jocelyn Smith at infinitee today. [Email: Jocelyn@infinitee.com O: (404) 231-3481 x119.]

The Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Social Media

It is no longer a question of whether or not a commercial real estate company should have an active social media presence. Remember the 90’s when companies realized they needed to build a website. No one can imagine not having a website today and so it is with social media platforms. The benefits far outnumber the negative misconceptions of time it takes to post and manage. And the analytics demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools to grow brand awareness, increase search engine optimization, and ultimately reach and engage with your customers.

The commercial real estate industry has been slow to adopt social media as a mainstream marketing tool. The reality is that CRE clients, corporate America, have already embraced social media — which means that CRE companies need to leverage it strategically to build their brand and grow their business by participating in the same online tools as their customers.

Few CRE companies do it consistently and even less do it well. A notable exception is Cushman & Wakefield that has an active presence on multiple platforms. Barbi Reuter, COO of Cushman & Wakefield, writes for CRE and launched the blog PICOR Connect, Trends in Commercial Real Estate. Reuter stated in a recent post, “Don’t let yourself be scared off by the vast world of social media. Think of it as an opportunity to give your brand a personal touch, and to more closely connect with the community around you.” Reuter commented about blogging, “the blog became the hub, and our social channels the spokes through which we share our messages.” 

Companies can no longer expect to reach specific targets via traditional marketing that pushes out messages through: advertising, brochures, direct mail, email, flyers and even websites. Social media has granted permission and access to consumers to share their opinion openly with the world, both good and bad. Being able to address both appropriately and timely can create life long brand advocates.

Although there are literally hundreds of social media platforms available, the most popular ones for business include: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging. All have their unique advantages.

  • Facebook allows daily communication, transparency, brand exposure and industry engagement
  • Twitter is an instantaneous news feed of engagement and a great source for driving website traffic
  • YouTube is viewed by millions of subscribers daily and serves as an impactful messaging tool for showcasing images that speak volumes about your brand
  • Blogging positions a company as a thought leader and serve’s as new website content for the search engines ultimately increasing SEO

Developing a strategic messaging plan is the first step to executing social media and many companies will engage outside experts to write the plan based on specific goals. The plan can then be executed by an in-house team or be maintained by an outside resource. Experts in social media should propose a plan that is customized to the CRE company internal capabilities, objectives and budget.

Having an active presence on social media is no longer an option for CRE companies and, in fact, can be a detriment for some if they do not have an active voice online. If you are still questioning the value of social media, you are already behind the curve and your competitor may soon pass you by as they gleam customer insights, increase brand awareness and grow their business through social media.

To learn more about how social media can impact your businesses bottom line or to simply get started, contact our social media strategist, Chelsea Smith at infinitee or ask for our free Social Media Performance Audit to see how your brand is being talked about online.

How To Optimize Your Brand’s Instagram Strategy


#TBT to when MySpace was the only major player on the social media front. With ever changing popular culture come new social platforms for the public to voice its opinions. In order for a business to truly stay relevant, it is vital to maintain a compelling and inviting presence on these innovative mediums, such as Instagram. infinitee provides the best strategies in order to optimize your company’s efforts on this popular platform.

Here are 3 ways to utilize Instagram to its full potential:

1. Lightly Branded Engagement: Instagram users respond best to posts that seem personal with subtle undertones of branding.

Why it works: Followers feel that they can connect more with the brand on a more personal level through lightly branded pictures and engagement instead of a strictly promotional advertisement. Ben & Jerry’s depicts this perfectly with a photo of their packaging garnering 3,658 less likes than a creative photo of their ice cream. This builds brand loyalty and positive attitudes towards the company.

infinitee_Instagram for Brands infinitee_Instagram for Brands

2. Create an Environment Conducive to Conversation: Engage with customers and other followers on your account through comments, likes, regrams, etc.

Why it works: Having an open line of communication between customers and a company makes the company appear transparent and likeable. This allows a positive, trusting relationship to develop between the company and follower.

3. Manage Outgoing Messages through Images: Instagram is an effective platform to disseminate short, light-hearted messages from the company.

Why it works: Studies have shown that people are more drawn to image assets. This means that a company’s messages are more likely to be engaging to consumers if associated with an image - making Instagram an ideal platform.

infinitee_Instagram for Brands

As shown in the infographic, Instagram has many benefits for companies seeking to employ a B2C social media strategy. By creating transcendent topics and light-hearted, subtly branded content, your company can engage an ever-growing audience directly from their fingertips.

Contact infinitee today to fully customize these tactics to suit the marketing challenges you face in your industry, as well as implement these strategies into your company’s social media management for maximum optimization. 

A Robust Commercial and Retail Real Estate Outlook for 2015


Commercial and Retail Real Estate Outlook for 2015

As we move into second quarter 2015, times are good for the real estate industry. After years of cut backs, companies are hiring once again. Nearly 2.5 million new jobs are predicted, according to ADP Research Institute. Mortgage lenders are underwriting loans and pouring money into value-added opportunities.

Commercial real estate investing continues to look stable compared to other parts of the U.S. economy. This fact has not gone unnoticed by foreign investors who view the U.S. as outperforming other Western countries for the best opportunities for capital appreciation. Cross-border-investment totaled about $28.2 billion, according to Real Capital Analytics, a New York City-based research firm. Multifamily ranked as the most attractive asset type followed by industrial, primarily due to online retail growth and increased need for more distribution centers. Other industries desiring more industrial space include: food, medical, construction, and even the growing film industry sector.

A steady demand for commercial space and low levels of development will equal a trend in less vacancy rates according to experts at CBRE’s 2015 national forecast series, “Moving Up the Risk Curve,” which includes forecasts for ten U.S. cities. CBRE reports that the tech and energy sectors will be primary economic drivers for future growth. In our hometown of Atlanta, predictions stated:

  • Atlanta is in the middle of an industrial recovery
  • Retail has recovered with rising rents and property values
  • Multi-housing properties are a preferred choice for investors
  • Office space demand and workplace densities will require a greater emphasis on parking capacity
In addition, a dramatic shift over the last year in the development of the “retail experience” is expected to continue. In Atlanta alone, the opening of Avalon in Alpharetta, Buckhead Atlanta and Ponce City Market, all open-air mixed-use developments, are examples of the desire for authentic, street-front shopping that creates an exciting experience for entertainment and dining options for residents and professionals.

Many more great retail developments are on the horizon in Atlanta and across the country and with a steady influx of investor dollars, this trend is expected to continue for years to come.

Follow our blog for the latest information about real estate news or visit our website for more insight into marketing for commercial properties, mixed-use developments, multi-family properties and retail shopping centers.

2015 Digital Media Trends and What You Can Do


2015 Digital Media Trends and What You Can Do

Recently, Say Daily published an article on the Top 5 Trends in Digital Media for 2015. infinitee breaks these trends down to tell you exactly what those implications mean for your marketing and communications strategy this year. Let’s go. 

(1) Mobile Takeover: 3 Implications 

According to Ovum, 1 billion people will use mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015 – no more tablets, desktop, etc. Makes sense given the larger phone screens from Apple, Android and the like lately, right? This means, all that money you recently spent on your fancy website that was so content and image heavy with keyword overflow and endless inbound links has lost significant value.

What You Can Do:

  1. Simple is Better. Websites no longer need to be mobile responsive, but mobile designed. This means simple layouts, images that download quickly and minimal copy. Figure how a website can bring the greatest value to your company and design pages around that.
  2. Drive Calls. If people are accessing information about you form their mobile device, your phone number should be the biggest CTA you have. All they have to do is literally click the phone number for it to dial you. Be prepared to answer the influx of calls with a designated sales team, person, etc. For more data, implement different variations of phone numbers to track where the leads are coming from.
  3. Push Notifications. Whether in b2b or b2c, allow people to sign up for updates either about products, your blogs, website updates, social media networks, etc. to stay top of mind. If more people are using mobile only devices to access the Internet, take advantage of being connected with your audiences through the technology that sits in the palm of their hand and never leaves them. 

(2) Read Consumers’ Minds: Pre-Targeting and Eliminating the Guessing Game 

It started with retargeting, which everyone hates. We Google something, go to the link one time, and boom – we see it everywhere when we go on the Internet from then on out. Does it stick with us? Yes. Do we remember it? Yes. Are we utterly annoyed by our own behavioral decision? Yes. Instead of retargeting, the new trend is Pre-Targeting. As Say Daily explains, pre-targeting and pre-purchase ads use big data to predict buyers’ preferences with relevant and smart messages while they’re in the buying phase, not after it. 

What You Can Do: 

  1. Take Advantage of Google’s Knowledge. Google knows your customers better than you do because your customers literally tell Google what they’re interested in searches. Partner with them to figure out what your consumers are searching for the most and start predicting how your products or services meet that.
  2. Use Social Media Data. Facebook provides some of the greatest social media insights surrounding your customers. Take advantage of platform tools like Core and Custom Audiences to deliver ads. Learn their lifestyles, see their interests and tell them what they want before they know it.

(3) Video and Visual Content: Get Creative 

This really isn’t a big shocker. Video and visual content are the most preferred and digested content through the web, especially on social media. However, it’s pretty difficult to create, takes a lot of resources and a creative marketing firm to help. Or does it? 

(See our blog: Tips on Producing Successful Corporate Videos) 

What You Can Do: 

  1. Figure Out Your Industry. Determine what visual content even means for your business. Is it construction – building an apartment? Is it digital design – designing a website? Remember, visual and video content will be watched, so make sure it relates back to you and pushes your products or services. Just because you don’t think it’s video worthy, doesn’t mean it’s not. You have a job for a reason and it’s because you are better at it than someone else. A high-speed time lapse of your creative director designing something great or your construction team building a great apartment is way more interesting to other people, especially your clients or future residents, than you think.
  2. Use the Right Tools. Here are some great tools to create cool video content: Screenr (record your screen while you work), Powtoon (DIY animated videos for product demos), Wideo (custom logos and messages), Stupeflix (really cool slideshow creation), GoPro (attachable video camera to last in the most extreme conditions), TimeLapse (combines a series of pictures into video)

(4) Wearables: Improving Operations 

Wearable technology is here. Before you know it, we’ll have chips in our arms and computers in our contacts. (Too soon?) Smart watches and fitness devices are already worn by half of consumers and smart appliances are next. Imagine walking down the grocery aisle and you receive an alert from your fridge letting you know you need milk as you pass it, pre-heating the oven from the office before you get home or turning off the stove after you forgot on your way out. All this and more is coming. 

(See our blog: 10 Shopping Technology Trends To Watch) 

What You Can Do: 

  1. Monitor and Incorporate. These are just starting to come out, and they’re not relevant to every industry. But they are relevant to every consumer. Monitor these wearables as they come out and see how you can incorporate them to better market to your consumers, improve your business operations or utilize their popularity to further your brand identity and business.

(5) Applied Analytics: Jackpot

Anything digital is traceable. As consumers continuously adopt new technologies and digital media, insight into their lifestyle, behavior, interests and patterns becomes available at your fingertips. The trick is applying these insights to make better marketing and advertising decisions. 

What You Can Do: 

  1. Target the Right People. Stop guessing who your consumers are and narrow down your prospects. The more specific you can get, the better. Divide your audiences into several targets and sub-segment the larger generational pools. Instead of deciding your target audience is millennials, segment that further into their age, gender, lifestyle, search patterns, complementing interests, etc.
  2. Deliver the Right Products. Stop mass marketing your products and services. Now that you know exactly who your audiences are and you have them further segmented into smaller gaps, figure out which product or service is best for them and tell them about it. Depending on your industry, this may change your target segments from consumer characteristics to business verticals, job titles, experience, etc.
  3. Get the Right Timing. Digital media insights will tell you exactly when the best time to reach your audiences is. Timing should be innate and it does not have to be a guess. Facebook Insights alone will tell you at what time on what day the majority of your followers are logged in and actively using Facebook. Being able to know exactly who your customers are, their interests and at what time to deliver the message is truly hitting the jackpot. 

To discuss your marketing and advertising needs further and how your specific business can benefit from the implications behind these digital media trends, contact infinitee today.  (404) 231-3481

How to Break Through The Clutter of Social Media



2014 was a year of celebration for infinitee, commemorating its 25th anniversary as an award-winning,  women-owned advertising and marketing agency. To honor those that provided a helping hand along infinitee's journey to success, co-founders, Jocelyn Smith and Barbara McGraw partnered with Dress for Success Atlanta to raise awareness for its Professional Women’s Group – a group dedicated to the personal and professional development of working women in need throughout metro Atlanta.

With the evolution of word-of-mouth marketing and social media strategies for businesses on the rise, infinitee created a Thunderclap social media campaign titled, #WomenRunWorkplace to help spread the empowering message of women run workplaces and prove the power of online relationships.

Using Thunderclap, an online crowd-speaking platform that helps people and businesses be heard by saying something together, infinitee set out to break through the clutter of social media. Thunderclap allows users to set up a campaign with an an empowering message, set a goal for the number of supporters and a time-span in which you hope to garner the support. After the goal is met, your pre-composed message is disseminated - all at once, flash-mob style, through each and every supporter’s social media platforms in mass amounts.

"The thunderclap campaign, Women Run Workplace, truly highlighted the impact social media can have to make a difference and raise awareness about topics that need attention today. We are so proud of the success and opportunities Jocelyn and Barb have provided infinitee over the last 25 years and this was a perfect way to turn our appreciation into inspiration among that masses." - Chelsea Smith, Social Media Strategist

infinitee surpassed its goal of 100 supporters within a month’s time and over 91,000 people saw its message on November 1, 2014. In addition to the remarkable reach of the campaign, #WomenRunWorkplace gained awareness from established working women and women’s business groups across metro Atlanta, including Monica Pearson and the Atlanta Women’s Foundation.






To learn more about creating impactful social media campaigns and strategiescontact our Atlanta Advertising Agency today.

Demand for Mixed-Use Development Spurs Economic Growth


Demand for Mixed-Use Development Spurs Economic Growth

The World Health Organization, recently reported that cities will hold 70 percent of the world’s population by 2050 and people will demand quality urban spaces and services. As current cities expand, urban leaders and city planners continue to embrace the live, work, play communities that spur economic growth, social interactions and quality of life.

Connected communities also reduce the need for private vehicles, increasing the viability of public transportwalking, and bicycling as well as more shared community spaces like plazas, parks, and sidewalks all of which foster interaction. A landmark study of San Francisco compared three neighborhoods identical except for the levels of vehicle traffic on their streets revealing that residents of neighborhoods with the lowest level of car traffic had three times as many friends as their more heavily trafficked counterparts. Public transit-friendly neighborhoods benefit local economies. Less time commuting and more walking increases support of local businesses. In fact, Transport for London found that pedestrians spend up to 60 percent more money at businesses each month than those traveling by car.

Underlying this development trend is the universal desire for engaging, meaningful and authentic places, that offer more than a place to live and work, but an exceptional experience that defines a person’s lifestyle. Baby Boomers and their grandchildren alike desire experiences that create lasting memories that define a sense of place where they can dine, shop, be entertained, workout, walk, and bike - just a few vibrant uses desired by residents and visitors of mixed-use town centers.

This demand is spurring new development as well as the repositioning of existing properties. From complete overhauls to adding new uses and density, mixed-use town centers from California to New York are including institutional, cultural and sports facilities with traditional retail lifestyle center concepts. In Austin, TX, a 700-acre redevelopment of a town center includes a children’s hospital, museum and a university research center. And in San Jose, CA a traditional regional center is being converted into a fitness and entertainment community that promotes health and livability.

Integrating all phases of family life and work into coherent communities will continue to be the focus of developers who want to capture market share by emphasizing comfortable, inter-generational environments that encourage relaxation and long stays.

To stay abreast of the latest mixed-use real estate news and trends visit our Atlanta advertising agency today.

infinitee Celebrates 25 Years of Marketing Brilliance


This year marks a milestone for infinitee. Twenty-five years ago, we opened our doors for business and never looked back. From inspirational clients to aspirational team members, this year was a year of celebration, and celebrate we did.

Jocelyn Smith and Barb McGraw started infinitee in 1989 and they are still the sole owners of the agency today. To commemorate this incredible statistic of the women-owned business for 25 years, infinitee launched a Thunderclap social media campaign spreading awareness and encouragement of women-run workplaces industry wide. Supported by over 100 unique followers and reaching over 100,000 people social media wide, we achieved our awareness goals with key engagement from profiles like Monica Pearson and She’s Her Own CEO, while also building awareness for Dress For Success Atlanta.

infinitee’s partnership with Dress For Success Atlanta defined our giveback efforts not only with the Thunderclap campaign, but also in attendance of their Little Black Dress event with a sponsored auction item and team attendance. The strategic decision to leverage infinitee’s 25th anniversary to build awareness for a non profit that encourages exactly what Jocelyn and Barb set out to achieve really brought the anniversary full circle.

As noted, 25 years of success could not be achieved without the great team infinitee has in place. Giving back to the community was complimented by giving back to the employees. The entire office at Lenox Towers underwent significant renovations to increase the look and feel of the office where infinitee employees spend so much time in dedication to their clients. From new floors, paint, custom furniture and more, the office is ready to welcome employees and clients – old and new. Completing the celebration, Jocelyn and Barb hosted an Employee Appreciation Party in the upgraded offices to commemorate their years of success.

infinitee office_conference room

infinitee office_hallway

infinitee office_party decor

Jocelyn Smith and Barb McGraw

Jocelyn Smith and family

infinitee_Marcia, Janet and Briana

Barb McGraw and designers

“We are only as good as our people, and for that, we cannot thank each of you enough.” – stated Barb McGraw, CMO infinitee during the celebration.

25 years in the advertising and marketing business is a success in itself, but 25 years with the same partnership is uniquely historical and rare. To learn more about infinitee’s history, click here to see our interactive timeline.

25 Things You May Not Know About infinitee

infinitee 25th Anniversary
  1. infinitee opened their doors in 1989.
  2. infinite made its first $1 million in their second year of business.
  3. Kelly Nation was infinitee’s first employee and still works for infinitee today.
  4. Janet Smith, VP of brand management, and Lynn Lancaster, Accountant, have been working for infinitee for 18 years.
  5. infinitee has been Tanger Outlets marketing partner for 19 years.
  6. infinitee has been awarded over 100 awards for its advertising and marketing efforts.
  7. infinitee won its first award in 1991, from the Retail Advertising Association for a direct mail catalog produced for Lenox Square Mall.
  8. Ezgi Yersu who is originally from Turkey, started as an intern for infinitee and after her student Visa expired and she had to return to Turkey, infinitee sponsored her back to the U.S. so she could continue to be a part of the team.
  9. Friends forever, Janet Smith was in Jocelyn Smith’s wedding nearly 30 years ago.
  10. Chelsea Smith, infinitee’s Social Media Strategist, is Jocelyn Smith’s daughter.
  11. Janet Smith is of no relation to Jocelyn or Chelsea Smith.
  12. infinitee has served over 250 clients since 1989.
  13. Jocelyn Smith is a nine-year breast cancer survivor.
  14. infinitee's first lease at Resurgens Plaza was a sublease for $12.50 per foot and included all of the furniture at the end of the two-year term.
  15. Ryan, infinitee’s digital designer, and his wife Anna are expecting their second child.
  16. Collectively, infinitee’s team has celebrated the birth of 10 children over the last 25 years.
  17. The Heritage Registry has recognized both Barb and Jocelyn for Who’s Who in Business.
  18. infinitee has completed more than 25,000 projects over the last 25 years.
  19. Shannon, Creative Director has a finance degree, MBA and art degree.
  20. Barb and Jocelyn remain friends with many past clients who have retired, moved on or changed careers.
  21. infinitee’s offices have always been in the sophisticated hub of Buckhead.
  22. Commuting from their homes in suburbia for Barb and Jocelyn takes over 3 hours each day.
  23. Every month infinitee hosts a team lunch and learn and plans a day retreat for the entire team once a year.
  24. infinitee just completed a renovation of their office space after their recent renewal at Lenox Towers.
  25. Like in business, Barb and Jocelyn are dedicated to their husbands of 25+ years, Alex and Brian and their children: Chase, Chelsea, Brandon, and Brittany.

Tanger Outlets & infinitee: A Longstanding Partnership


In 1996, infinitee won the business of Tanger Outlets, representing a sizeable account for infinitee. What began as a relationship between infinitee and Tanger Outlets to produce traditional shopping center advertising materials has expanded into a long-time, successful partnership to deliver complex, multi-media programs that successfully engage shoppers online, on air and on site.  The relationship between infinitee and Tanger is made up of many milestones that make the partnership what it is today.

Tanger Outlets

2005: TangerStyle magazine is introduced to shoppers. It was developed as a seasonal sales direct-to-home savings platform, delivered via traditional media to promote Spring, Fall/Back-to-School and Holiday sales. Its key objective was to educate shoppers on the selection of fashion at unbeatable savings found at Tanger Outlet Centers and included 20% coupons to save even more. 

2011: infinitee helped Tanger celebrate its 30-year anniversary. Tanger’s campaign goals were elevated even higher, beyond all previous expectations. With the use of an upscale fashion approach surpassing market competition, infinitee capitalized on the strength of Tanger’s brand recognition to create a high-energy marketing campaign that spoke directly to shoppers. 30-year celebration materials were also developed for signature events and were inclusive of a print and online tabletop milestone anniversary book, TV spots featuring Steve Tanger, online promotional materials and upscale events, such as a Golden celebration party in Las Vegas for the ICSC Leasing Convention. Later that year, Steve Tanger rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange where The Cake Boss delivered special cakes to the trading floor. Tanger Centers across the country took part in the celebration via video to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest cake party ever held.

2012: infinitee worked with Tanger to establish the TangerStyle Studio concept, similar to a design showroom, where videos were produced to highlight the emerging retail trends of the season. This provided a perfect setting for popular actress, TV host and Tanger’s fashion authority, Vanessa Lachey, to deliver trendsetting tips and information on how to find the greatest looks and the best savings by shopping Tanger Outlets. infinitee produced seasonal online trend videos and TV spots, each recorded in the TangerStyle Studio. In addition, infinitee branded TangerStyle Online, complete with digital lookbooks for each of the featured trends, where visitors could scroll through a style guide and learn how to create their own fashion-forward look from head to toe. This allowed Tanger to broaden its reach and educate shoppers by embracing today’s digital media technologies and engaging consumers through preferred channels of communication including social media services.

2013: infinitee provided an opportunity to expand the TangerStyle Studio concept even further with interactive media strategies and integrated content formats that allow shoppers to seek the advice of industry experts to discover seasonal trends. infinitee created a schedule to bring TangerStyle Studio into the homes and lives of Tanger shoppers on a monthly basis. These monthly touch points include online trend videos, lookbooks, behind-the-scenes videos and seasonal television spots, featuring Steve Tanger himself.

As part of its trendsetting efforts, Tanger Outlets teamed up with celebrity chef, Curtis Stone to host The Taste & Style Experience. The promotion was an extension of TangerStyle Studio, bringing food trucks, fashion shows, live music and cooking demonstrations to centers nationwide. The “Foodie” events were extremely popular and created an added value experience that generated a win for Tanger and gave shoppers a memorable bonus to the name brand shopping.

2014:  Tanger contracted infinitee to introduce and promote the Tanger Style Maker marketing campaign with a goal to create a year-round presence in the social media community, connect with Tanger’s core shopping base and secure new loyal followers through consistent and reliable messaging. Briana Gurley was introduced as the Tanger Style Maker to engage with shoppers at the center level on a year-round basis. Briana serves as the video spokesperson, visits Tanger centers across the country to engage with shoppers and record Haul Videos that deliver quick style stories throughout the year. Briana also maintains Tanger’s social media strategy with a weekly online blog and manages online social outreach and engagement.

The relationship between Tanger Outlets and infinitee continues with a goal to directly engage with shopper lifestyles and enhance the shopper experience. Together infinitee and Tanger Outlets work to create award winning marketing programs.

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