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The Tech Revolution Affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry


infinitee_ Over the past decade, a rise in competition and institutionalization of the real estate asset class has transformed the CRE industry. The shift towards a desire for portfolio visibility, data analytics and workflow optimization has triggered an unprecedented thirst for CRE-specific technology.

Recent CRE marketing trends and technological innovations are about to change the way highly data driven, mobile and collaborative, commercial real estate companies do business. Over the past decade, a rise in competition and institutionalization of the real estate asset class has transformed the CRE industry. The shift towards a desire for portfolio visibility, data analytics and workflow optimization has triggered an unprecedented thirst for CRE-specific technology.

Twenty years following the launch of Craigslist—the pioneer technology in transitioning the CRE industry from its pen-and-paper norm—buyers now have all sorts of tools at their fingertips. How real estate brokers research and share information with prospective clients and their respective companies is easier and more collaborative, delivering real-time solutions on the go.

Some of these technologies enable the client or end-user to find and explore information on their own. The CRE industry has been traditionally a relationship based, depth of experience industry for most companies, but brokers should take note of these latest innovations and start accessing and using them to stay ahead of the curve and competition (which may also include your client):

  • Reonomy’s comprehensive and validated data coupled with powerful analytics enables CRE investors and lenders to make faster, more secure, and informed decisions.

  • CompStak uses a crowd-sourced model to gather real estate information that is hard to come by, difficult to compile, or otherwise unavailable through the exchange of commercial lease comps.  Users receive points for submitting comps and may use those points to buy other comps. The result - a comprehensive database of all of the commercial lease deals completed in a given market.

  • TenantRex enables companies to manage the data that is important to them online, and access it across office boundaries to protect the confidentiality of their clients.

  • Floored is an interactive solution to touring a space before it is repositioned or even built via a browser or mobile device.

  • With over $200 million in deal flow to date, The Honest Buildings Network connects the real estate industry to information on over 20 million buildings and the most relevant industry professionals to enable decision makers to find the best building solutions, fast.

  • Hightower is improving leasing workflow by providing landlords and their broker’s information that will allow them to collaborate on deals in real time. This technology allows for owners to see all their properties in one place and compare deal flow and progress from one to another.

  • PiinPoint helps companies find and select their next physical location with 80% accuracy. Its technology helps retailers looking to relocate, expand or close, predict future sales and check out new locations, factoring in geographic and demographic variables.

  • Desktime allows agents to assist clients looking to convert unused office space into co-working space.

  • Auction.com connects clients with potential investors and lenders and allows buyers to act as their own real estate agents by creating accounts to monitor new listings that meet their filtered criteria.

  • Matterport and Oculus are both technologies that create virtual tours of properties allowing prospective tenants to take tours from the comfort of their own home. 

These technological tools will allow for better transactions, improved process management and information aggregation and sharing for the future CRE industry. These rising trends paired with the CRE technological revolution also create improved transparency for the real estate industry. With this year’s investments in real estate tech startups on track for more than $1.4 billion, it remains imperative that brokers and buyers stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends in the industry.

Keeping abreast of the latest innovations is critical for commercial real estate companies and partnering with experts in real estate marketing solutions can keep your firm at the forefront of the industry and ahead of the curve. If you have any further question regarding how infinitee can support your CRE company’s marketing needs, please contact Jocelyn Smith at 404.231.3481 ext. 119.

#ConferenceRecap | The Future of Downtown Atlanta


As a strategic marketing partner, infinitee implements a number of tactics in order to stay current on our clients’ industry trends and news. One of those tactics includes attending educational conferences in our city and beyond. To give you the benefit of our thinking and attendance, we share key takeaways from these beneficial seminars via our #ConferenceRecap Blog Series. Enjoy.

The Future of Downtown Atlanta

Conference: Bisnow: The Future of Downtown Atlanta - A Melting Pot of New Ideas & Development   

Date: September 30, 2015

PANEL NO. 1 | New Investments

Moderator: Mark Abrams | Smith & Howard


Kevin Johnson | Invest Atlanta

Rudy Prio Touzet | Banyan Street Capital

Cherie Ong | The Creations Group

Richard Bowers | Richard Bowers & Co.


Kevin Johnson: Invest Atlanta is a development agency and authority of Atlanta involved in redevelopment, tax allocation, new investments and more.

Rudy Prio Touzet: Banyan Street Capital is a leading private real estate investment firm in today’s commercial real estate market. Atlanta is Banyan Street Capital’s largest market with 4M SF.

Cherie Ong: The Creations Group is an investment firm based out of Hong Kong with  corporate offices in Atlanta. They have invested 400,000 SF in Downtown.

Richard Bowers: Richard Bowers & Co. is a brokerage firm in Atlanta. The company owns the 260/270 Peachtree buildings.

Question No. 1We have seen a lot of excitement with new projects such as Ted, The Gulch, the Atlanta Street Car and environmentally friendly cars for rent. What other elements does Atlanta offer as a unique opportunity for investors?

Kevin Johnson: Atlanta is a city investing in itself aggressively. The public sector does a great job leveraging the private sector, creating $2.4 billion among listed projects and more.

Question No. 2 - How do we incentivize new investment into Downtown Atlanta?

Kevin Johnson: Today, it’s more important to get project specific for the public benefit and extend existing partnerships. We’re starting to see south Downtown emerge. Before recently, the tallest building south of I-20 was a tower at the airport. New development will be interested in University Avenue, the Metropolitan Parkway, Campbell Road and Ted among others.

Rudy Prio Touzet: Downtown Atlanta employers are attracted to the millennial population. Downtown is the center of new emerging markets creating a draw for population growth and providing the demographics and age group those employers desire. Currently, Downtown is undervalued, but it is a reflection of Midtown in where it’s going. Banyan is currently renovating Peachtree Center and strictly does office. However, they try to buy near mixed-use and walkable environments providing great amenities. Peachtree holds the majority of retailers and restaurants attracting offices to those areas. The next attraction will be multifamily, as employees desire to be in this type of environment. 

Cherie Ong: Cherie’s background is in international markets, but The Creations Group started investing in Downtown 4 years ago. The Creations Group is a more mainstream investor working from private equity. From an international perspective, they see Downtown differently than locals do. Cherie specifically states the draw to Downtown is that it is not homogenous like Buckhead. In their experience, they have seen cities re-urbanize over time all over the globe. The Creations Group feels Buckhead is over saturated and Downtown provides that different appeal with more diversity. One of their projects is a historic building south of Marietta that went from 95% vacant to 100% leased due to millennial office spaces since their ownership.

Richard Bowers: The incentive for new investment Downtown is the livability the area provides. Richard started in the mid-70s with bank investments noting it was a time when you had to have a government liaison to hold muster when developing Downtown. It is still the largest office market for government institutions, it has the best office buildings including historic office buildings, major visitors center, the largest conventions facility, the largest hotels and is now getting the Mercedes stadium. Downtown hosts old line corporate head quarters and a strong professional market with law firms, the two largest developers (Portman Holdings and Cousins Properties), brokerage firms, civic organizations like the Georgia Chamber and a number of nonprofits. Additionally, Downtown hosts major educational centers like Georgia State whose growth has been exponential year after year. It provides strong ingress egress with more Marta stations than any other Atlanta submarket, walkable sidewalks and the airport inside 285. Atlanta is going to grow to 8 million people in the next 15 years and Downtown has the vacant land, buildings and capacity to handle that growth.

Kevin Johnson made note that we are challenged internally into selling one submarket of Atlanta against the other. At the end of the day, a company’s investment is made where they feel most comfortable. Invest Atlanta tries to sell competitive advantages versus comparative analysis. He notes investment in Downtown is not a social experiment, but a business transaction, and we are currently rebalancing how Downtown fits into that transaction.

Rudy then asked Kevin which markets he felt Atlanta competes with for new development. Kevin responded that Atlanta competes domestically with Dallas, Nashville, Chicago and Phoenix (for certain industries) and internationally with Hong Kong and London. He noted Atlanta does not compete with Charlotte and Birmingham, in his experience. 

Cherie noted that when deciding to develop or invest in Downtown, the numbers and algorithms might not always work as they do in Buckhead or Midtown. It’s not an environment that can be manufactured elsewhere. At the same time, it’s not for everyone and certainly not a traditional investment.

Question No. 3 - Can you comment on residential and multifamily growth, and where else you see new developments going? 

Kevin Johnson: Residential is not conventional in Downtown and certainly not easy to develop. It is riskier, but can generate higher returns. Paces Properties is doing it now. Retail also has a place, but it’s just not readily available. New developments will depend on demographics. Office will always be a solid investment, but we have to keep in mind millennials hate traffic. Additionally, several economic factors need to be considered when developing residential. As rents continue to increase we need to be sure it’s in relevance to income growth.

Cherie Ong: International investors’ fund growth is accelerating from the international space. She expects to see more projects along the belt line and noted a lot of colleagues are following suit to invest in the states and specifically Atlanta. She recently touched base with an Australian firm who moved its headquarters to Atlanta from Melbourne. The overseas market is high and overpriced, and it makes sense for people to move right now. Downtown is perceived as riskier from a local perspective, but it’s more valuable from an overseas perspective. Cherie believes there are two kinds of people who are investing in Downtown: (1) those who live in and care about this city and (2) those who care about money, but understand cities.

Audience Question - Name one initiative you'd like to see happen in Downtown. 

The panel unanimously spoke to the desire for more Class A public education schools. Rudy mentioned Downtown had the infrastructure for this, but it needs to be reintegrated. 

PANEL NO. 2 | New Development

Moderator: Mark Abrams | Smith & Howard    


David Marvin | Legacy Property Group

Jerome Russell | H.J. Russell & Company

David Cochran | Paces Properties

Ambrish Baisiwala | Portman Holdings


David Marvin: Legacy Property Group has been in Downtown for nearly 20 years and centers its activity in hospitality, hotels and restaurants.

Jerome Russell: H.J. Russell & Company focuses on Castleberry Hill, which consists of old buildings that were very industrial during the railroad days. They started buying land in 1952 and now the area has office, retail, hotel and restaurants. They always said the Castleberry area would be part of Downtown and plan to invest in it over the next 7-10 years to improve existing assets. They are turning 40,000 SF into the Russell Innovation Center for entrepreneurs and business owners specifically of color.

David Cochran: Paces Properties was a suburban developer for many years and focuses on retail and residential. Paces looked at Downtown because of the numbers with housing and decided to turn large-scale class B office buildings into multi family assets. He noted it’s hard to compete with Georgia State to get residential land, but they’ve done well with 250 Piedmont completely gutting it and turning it into 370 apartments. He noted every deal is hard with environmental and title issues, and they plan to go down Memorial Drive in the future. Currently, there’s limited to no housing stock in Downtown Atlanta.

Ambrish Baisiwala: Portman Holdings specifically focuses on ground up, mixed-use urban developments. They have 20 M SF in Downtown Atlanta including the 230 Peachtree building and the second phase of Tech Square. 230 Peachtree was one of their original steel properties that Portman did and they made the decision to repurchase and redevelop it for three reasons: (1) They already own Americas Mart directly adjacent, (2) It sits on top of Marta, (3) It’s walkable to the light rail and a mile from every main attraction in Downtown. They plan to put Hotel Indigo in the space and are transforming the ground floor into a restaurant and bar. They feel Downtown needs a funky food destination and this is set to open in December this year. Additionally the building will have 280,000 SF of office space.

Question No. 1 - How does the demand for multifamily and residential affect Downtown?

David Cochran: Georgia State’s growth has been stellar and Downtown is really a unique setting for an educational institution. Coca-Cola is moving 2,500 people from Cobb County to Downtown as they now have to compete for their employees. Those employees want to live in a live, work, play environment. Technology jobs have starting salaries of $70,000 and up, and most of these people live in Downtown, are fiscally responsibility and desire the nightlife Downtown has to offer. Downtown used to be perceived as unsafe, but now it is a place where people can live.

David Marvin: Residential and multifamily will drive hotels. Legacy Property Group opened Embassy Suites in 1999 and that was the first new hotel in 15 years. They recently bought a historic 50-year old hotel and feel more hotels are needed around the entertainment district such as Centennial Olympic Park and the new stadium under development.

Jerome Russell: As rents increase in Downtown, submarkets such as Castleberry Hill will become more attractive and competitive because of its proximity to Downtown, the entertainment district and its education ratings. Currently, Castleberry Hill has 1,000 residents and they feel that will double. They envision it becoming like Inman Quarter.

Ambrish Baisiwala: Multifamily developments will bring more residents with increased income to Downtown. Portman & Holdings is adding hospitality and restaurants at 230 Peachtree in part to support future residential demands. Additionally, Downtown is a strong market for conventions and Marta is a driving force. New developments face challenges in the cost of construction so redeveloping existing assets play well into that.

The consensus: The rise of residential will drive restaurants and hotels.

Audience Question - What solutions are being made to correct current problems with the Atlanta Street Car?

Audience Response: Problems are being addressed and it will expand north, south, east and west. All people are encouraged to ride the Street Car now while it is still free until January 1.

Audience Question - Are there any development plans to provide affordable housing in Downtown?

Jerome Russell: With the recent grant, affordable housing will expand west of Northside drive and we will start to see more affordable housing in that area. Revitalization of existing assets will bring small upgrades to that area. Castleberry Hill will also see some affordable housing in the future.

We hope you found infinitee’s takeaways from the Bisnow: The Future of Downtown Atlanta Discussion to be informative. Be sure to follow our #ConferenceRecap blog series for regular industry news and updates. For more information about infinitee, call Jocelyn Smith at 404.231.3481.

Note: The information contained in this blog is infinitee’s rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by the respective panelists. It does not serve the purpose of direct quotations or content for reuse.

#ConferenceRecap | Evolution of Entertainment and Restaurants in Atlanta


As a strategic marketing partner, infinitee implements a number of tactics in order to stay current on our clients’ industry trends and news. One of those tactics includes attending educational conferences in our city and beyond. To give you the benefit of our thinking and attendance, we share key takeaways from these beneficial seminars via our #ConferenceRecap Blog Series. Enjoy.

ICSC Next Generation Logo

Conference: ICSC Next Generation Program: What is entertainment today?         

Date: September 24, 2015

Moderator: Charlie Hendon | Founder and President of Hendon Properties


Scott Lawton | Chief Operating Officer, Bartaco

Jarel Portman | Founding Principal, JPX Works

Justin Amick | Principal & Founder, The Painted Pin, The Painted Duck

Kristen Morris | Regional Leasing Director, Jamestown 

Scott Lawton | Bartaco

  • Bartaco was concepted 5 years ago.
  • Scott and his partner wanted to create a merge between a retail shop and a taco food truck.
  • Bartaco’s restaurant concept is centered on customer satisfaction. The goal is for customers to leave feeling good. This idea was inspired be Barcelona, another hip Atlanta restaurant.

Jarel Portman | JPXWorks

  • JPXWorks decided not to target national brands for the Inman Quarter Development. The area and surrounding generations forced them to look and listen elsewhere.
  • They signed Bartaco first, before the restaurant opened 2 other locations.
  • Developers wanted to create a fun, different and cool environment.
  • The property was rebranded and eventually sold for a great price.

Justin Amick | The Painted Pin

  • The Painted Pin has become a successful Atlanta entertainment venue, despite a significant lack of street visibility.
  • Justin Amick worked in the restaurant industry his entire life and aspired to somehow mold entertainment and dining.
  • He learned that gaming was the missing concept.
  • The Painted Pin does no traditional advertising – only social media and word of mouth.

Kristen Morris | Jamestown

  • Jamestown pioneered Ponce City Market containing a lot of excess, unconventional space. They decided to use this space to create a more interesting experience for the customer.
  • Visitors come at all different times of day, which meant planners had to find the balance of how to use a space to mirror the shopper.
  • A built-in environment and food are the number 1 and 2 driving sources for foot traffic according to recent research studies Jamestown referenced while developing Ponce City Market. 
  • Kristen noted, "Experience comes first, then tenants. And that experience starts at the curb." 

ICSC Next Generation Atlanta Panel

Panel Discussion | Site Location Preferences and Market Needs


  • Bartaco seeks locations that are true live, work and play areas.
  • They target neighborhoods with high density for the right customer as opposed to hotels and tourism.
  • Bartaco is expanding to Nashville, Asheville and Boulder among customers, constantly seeking the next millennial market. 

The Painted Pin

  • Painted Pin targets freeways and hotels.
  • Its primary concern is market density with the right customer.


  • JPX is currently building two high-rise residential units that are currently undecided if they will be condos or multifamilynext to two major hotels.
  • JPX has learned that residents do not want their lives interrupted by in-town guests and nearby hotels offer a solution.
  • Jarel has industry experience in hotels and hospitality and feels they are big drivers to new developments. He currently feels there is no great boutique hotel in Atlanta and that is where new development will go – hotels. He wants to build something hip, with great services, small and intimate, with vibrant areas and something that seems indigenous to Atlanta.
  • How will JPX Works new developments stand out?
        • JPX has always and will continue to challenge conformity.
        • They are working with ODA Architects to bring visions to life. One development will mirror an urban lantern with a canopy of trees, condos starting on the 4th floor and greenery that flows down from the building like a cascading waterfall.
        • JPX thinks of condos like boutique hotels with special amenities, spas, conference spaces and concierge services.

Painted Duck + Stockyard Redevelopment in West Midtown

  • Painted Duck introduces a new bowling concept with smaller balls and pins. It will have horseshoe, as well as food and beverage services.
  • The space is a 26,000 SF basement area with no natural lighting – It’s highly undesirable, but works for the Painted Duck concept.
  • It is very similar to what Jamestown did with Ormsby’s.

Panel Discussion | How do you match unusual development with traditional ones?

  • Recent untraditional projects:
        • Move theatres serving food
        • Top Golf
        • Weingarten’s redevelopment of the Civic Center
  • Developers must create a place where people want to be that acts as an extension of their living room.
  • Chef driven concepts will continue to exist with fast and posh casual settings.
  • Midtown will be exhausted soon and developments will have to move outside of the perimeter. Panelists believe new development will go south of Atlanta. No one can foresee the first domino for this, but when it happens, others will follow.
  • There is a need/desire to make Midtown a more live, work, play environment. The area needs more residences and grocery stores. With more people will come more police, safety and ownership of the area. This will help combat the poorly perceived pockets of Downtown Atlanta. Georgia State could be a huge catalyst for this shift with the student/employee population.
        • Kroger might be coming with the Underground Atlanta revitalization.
        • Post Properties is building near the Children’s Museum.
        • A new residential development called The Office is in the works.
  • Panelists believe new developments will expand to Centennial Park, the Gulch and the new Falcon’s Stadium.

We hope you found infinitee’s takeaways from the ICSC Next Generation Program to be informative. Be sure to follow our #ConferenceRecap blog series for regular industry news and updates. For more information about infinitee, call Jocelyn Smith at 404.231.3481.

Note: The information contained in this blog is infinitee’s rendition of essential information and ideas expressed by the respective panelists. It does not serve the purpose of direct quotations or content for reuse.

Atlanta Real Estate Boomers


2015 marks the year of the boomers. No, we’re not talking about population trends; we’re talking about the commercial and retail real estate industry in the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta’s retail market alone is booming, reaching peak statistics since the mid-2000s. The city’s retail occupancy is the highest it has been in seven years, and vacancy levels have dropped to 10.8%. These numbers result from a few recent trends:

  1. Overall expansion of the metro Atlanta area population

  2. Increase in employment base

  3. Increase in construction activity primarily in urban locations like Buckhead, Central Perimeter and Midtown

infinitee is currently partnering with Fuqua Development on the largest retail project under construction in Atlanta, the Braves SunTrust Park. As developers realize the rising importance of the “customer experience,” creating a mixed-use environment that establishes a strong consumer base shifts into focus. Equally important is the marketing strategy for generating interest in the new development amongst targeted tenants. infinitee has employed multiple tactics to spark curiosity and interest about the retail component of SunTrust Park, including the creation of a leasing website, SunTrustParkRetailLeasing.com, an email marketing program, leasing brochure and touchpoint package. A unique touchpoint package was developed and sent to targeted tenants that included a Rimowa suitcase filled with memorable collateral material including: travel itinerary information about the development, a guidebook containing information about the project and area, and an offer to visit the development to see the anticipated “customer experience” in person. 

Fuqua Development, SunTrust Park, CRE Marketing, Web design, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Advertising Agency

Other Atlanta submarkets showing strong occupancy gains include the urban markets of Midtown and Buckhead. In the second quarter of 2015, Buckhead saw just less than 200,000 square feet absorbed. Its vacancy rate is half of what it was in 2010 with Class A vacancy at the lowest rate in seven years. OliverMcMillan engaged infinitee as the local marketing agency for their new mixed-use project, Buckhead Atlanta, encompassing 8 blocks of new development that totals 1.5 million square feet of retail, restaurants, office space, luxury apartments, entertainment and more. Additionally, this development now serves as the new headquarters for the $1 billion dollar company, Spanx, Inc. infinitee launched two separate social media marketing plans to brand both Buckhead Atlanta and The Residence. The results of the digital branding strategy were a significant gain in followers for both platforms as well as high levels of fan engagement. The majority of followers and engagement across both social media profiles stem from upscale Atlanta neighborhoods and wealthy suburban communities aligning with the property’s target retail audience and residential objectives.

The Residence Buckhead Atlanta, CRE Marketing, Social Media Agency, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Advertising Agency

Over the past four years, PM Realty Group (PMRG) has retained infinitee’s marketing and design services to secure new management contracts for the commercial real estate firm as well as branded leasing efforts resulting in occupancy rates as high as 98% in some markets. For Tower Place 200, also located in Buckhead, infinitee created a visually appealing marketing center—where potential tenants were invited to experience Tower Place 200—coupled with graphically intriguing sales collateral. PMRG was able to increase occupancy to a level that positioned the building for sale within just two, short years after the launch date of the new marketing strategy. The Buckhead submarket is expected to see continued, positive growth through the end of the year predicting a vacancy rate below 10% by January 2016.

PMRG Tower Place 200, CRE Marketing, Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Advertising

With an anticipated job growth of 200,000 jobs in the next two years and demand for retail space remaining high from corporate relocations, existing tenant expansions and new-to-market leases, it is clear that Atlanta’s real estate market has no signs of slowing down. Now more than ever, it is essential for commercial and retail real estate firms to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to maintain a strong brand image and build meaningful connections with their respective tenants. Employing the right marketing partners is a necessity in today’s “new” development landscape to create your competitive advantage and point of differentiation.

For more information on how to stay ahead of the competition, call Jocelyn Smith at infinitee, 404-231-3481.

Bring Home the Bacon: What the CRE Industry Needs to Know About Branding


Branding is not always a hot topic of discussion when it comes to driving financial performance in the Commercial Real Estate industry. The power of branding done right, however, not only brings more customers through the doors of CRE companies, but also improves customer retention and profitable results.

A company’s first impression is an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers, communicate its identity and distinguish its unique business from that of its competitors. Because potential customers make observations and set expectations of a company based on their initial impressions, it is imperative to communicate company values and deliverables in one exciting and streamlined branded look from the start.

infinitee’s ability to understand its clients and their respective markets fully and translate their clients vision into impactful and pertinent collateral drives results. When Cousins Properties called upon infinitee to revitalize and rebrand their 2011 acquisition of Promenade in Midtown Atlanta, infinitee was challenged to incorporate the importance of its location and proximity to the arts as one of the asset’s for positioning in the marketplace. Cousins’ mission was to spark a renewed energy into the Midtown market and so the overreaching tagline of “Evolution@Work” and a subsequent tagline of “Embracing the Arts” was created. In support, infinitee created multiple touch points for both internal customers and external brokers to announce the coming renovations. A dynamic Look Book that showcased each of the planned improvements was provided for VIP tenants and later converted into an online video used for email marketing. infinitee also planned exclusive VIP events for customers and brokers to showcase the local and national artist galleries. The strategic touch points generated a significant interest in Promenade and each of the VIP events boasted a 95% attendance rate—an unprecedented turnout. The renewed energy and interest in the office tower led to large block leases for prestigious tenants such as Frazier & Deeter and McGuire Woods.

Promenade Lookbook

Another client of infinitee’s, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) engaged infinitee to create a brand for its new Retail Brokerage Services division in time for ICSC ReCon 2015. infinitee designed a brochure that focused on JLL’s branded “retail intelligence” in the marketplace and featured successful case studies of nationally-branded retail clients. Elements from the brochure were incorporated into JLL’s booth and the show proved to be a successful launch for the new division for the brokerage team.

JLL Retail Brochure

Implementing a streamlined concept across all channels leads to increased awareness and sales opportunities. PM Realty Group (PMRG) requested infinitee design a new, highly visible Marketing Center in the lobby of the Northridge Center. This design graphically communicated Northridge Center’s stability of ownership, improved property attributes and its abundant amenity base. Other marketing collateral was developed to support ongoing leasing efforts and demonstrated the consistent caliber of PMRG management. As a result of multiple branding initiatives for PMRG in partnership with infinitee’s creative team, many properties under their management have an occupancy rate as high as 98 percent.



Strategic smart marketing allows for powerful first impressions that drive customers to take action. Establishing trust and transforming initial interest into satisfied customers is next. Crossing that bridge is accomplished through uniform branding across all channels and internal integration with the brokerage team. The expectations formed following a company’s first impression must be supported with as many other touch points as possible, in order to create a consistent level of execution, resulting in the perception of a reliable brand.

With powerful first impressions and trustworthy perception of the brand achieved, the final step is to enjoy the results. With an unparalleled ability to understand a business’ identity and communicate that identity through intriguing graphics and intentional touch points, your CRE is sure to encounter the same positive results.

To transcend your CRE brand or properties, call on infinitee, the real estate branding experts.

What do the Denver Broncos, Taylor Swift & infinitee have in common?


Social awesomeness – That’s what! infinitee made history winning the first ever, monthly NUVI award for our Winning Strategy and Implementation of NUVI,  a monitoring, analytics, and data visualization platform for social media. We implemented the real-time social media intelligence tool in late February to provide a more in-depth data analysis of our clients’  social media landscapes, allowing us to see what people are saying about each across the Internet in real time, respond to the most important conversations and ultimately influence social behaviors.

infinitee’s social media team established a unique strategy for using NUVI that is unconventional to most major agencies and brands, eliciting the following statement from the NUVI team:

“We cannot share infinitee’s secret sauce and how they’re using NUVI because then you’ll all copy them. But infinitee is proving NUVI is not a cookie cutter solution that fits just one type of industry as they are finding a lot of success with their agency and clients, and are having a great experience using NUVI as their social media platform. Congrats on being awesome.”

Other winners of the inaugural NUVI award include:

  1. Jonathon Miami for pitching Donald Trump on his presidential candidacy announcement: “Mr. Trump, I’m a web developer. Let’s talk about that $3 website.” receiving more retweets than Trump’s announcement itself.

  2. The Denver Broncos for participating in American Pharoah’s first Triple Crown win since 1978: “We know a thing or two about being the best horse. Way to run. #AmericanPharoah #TripleCrown”

  3. Bellator MMA for its wonderful review of NUVI’s ability to monitor real-time conversations via keywords and hashtags during one of their biggest fights to date.

  4. Taylor Swift and Apple for their quick conversation and the solutions social media provided to solve the Apple Streaming Music Services in protection of new artists.

describe the image

We are proud to be recognized for our strategic implementation of the product among thousands of other NUVI users and global brands. infinitee’s social media department is comprised of three dedicated team members who manage all of the social media needs for a notable list of clients with unique tactics developed to capitalize on the intelligence data NUVI provides. Additionally, our team leverages NUVI as a market research tool when applicable across other agency verticals including market research, competitor analysis, consumer demographics, behaviors, interests and lifestyles.

Having the best tools available to date is what keeps infinitee cutting edge among our clients. Having the right team and strategy to use those tools, is what keeps infinitee cutting edge among our competitors. If you work with a retail or commercial real estate company, a global brand or a b2b entity and are looking to optimize your online presence, contact us today. We have the resources and the team to effectively analyze your social landscape and strategize the best plan of action to capitalize on the most effective tactics working for you.

Call our social strategist, Chelsea Smith, directly at (404) 231-3481 Ext.114 for more information on what infinitee and NUVI can do for you.

10 Tips from an ICSC First Timer


2014 was my first year at ICSC. As a 20-something year old breaking into the retail real estate industry at the largest deal making event of the year, I was grateful to have my boss with me who had 25+ years experience guiding me throughout the entire show. Below are a few tips from me, now an expert, on how to survive your first time at ICSC.

1. Wear comfortable shoes and take care of your feet at night.

My boss joked about this being the most important part of ICSC and she was right. I ampretty good in high heels, wear them daily and never have problems walking in them. But, I had problems getting through three days at ICSC in them. I brought a small bag that I put my heels in and wore flats between meetings while I was navigating the map and trying to make it to appointments on time with a few minutes to prep before each one. I still had swollen feet so I made a routine of soaking them in hot water for 30 minutes when we got back to the hotel around midnight every night after dinners and networking.

2. Drink lots of water.

There are two factors here to consider: (1) it’s Las Vegas and scorching hot in the driest air. Just because you’re not dripping sweat from the lack of humidity, doesn’t mean it’s not hot. Keep a bottle with you and make yourself stay hydrated. (2) If you take advantage of the opportunities ICSC provides, you shouldn’t have a break in your schedule except to go the bathroom and to eat a quick meal. You should be running around making the most of your time. This alone is a work out. Do not get overheated and miss your chance to shine.

3. It’s impossible to have a bad hair day.

The wind is insane on the strip. Check out my Mission Impossible Michael Kors jumpsuit and windblown hair outside the Cosmopolitan on the way to our next dinner date. Do not spend time worrying about your hair. The dry air and lack of humidity only require a brush to go from professional skydiver to top model once again. Spend time with your face in your notes rather than the mirror. Trust me, it’ll be fine.


4. Pack light.

You should know your appointment schedule at least a week before ICSC. Plan your outfits down to what you wear on the plane to every day and dinner thereafter. I wore every single thing I packed for the first time in my life on that trip and it was worth the planning. You do not want to lug heavy luggage through the hotels, airport and on the strip. Also, it’s hot. Have I made that clear? Pack light clothes and fabrics that breathe.

5. You never know whom you’re going to meet. Be prepared.

You never know whom you are going to meet in a city that brings over 40,000 convention people to one of the biggest tourist cities in the country. Feel comfortable enough in what you’re wearing so if you do meet a celebrity, you’ll love the photo memory. Look who we met at dinner with past clients and vendors. Who doesn’t love the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro?


6. Talk to everyone and always have your business cards handy.

Get up early, have your coffee early and get on your game from the moment you leave your hotel room. Talk to people in the elevator, in the line to get a cab, in the cab, people you rub shoulders with on the train or in the convention halls. We met so many people and exchanged so many cards that turned into great opportunities. You never know who you may be washing your hands next to in the bathroom. BTW, wash your hands a lot and keep germs on the DL. Lot’s of shaking of hands can have its own disadvantages.

7. Charge electronics overnight and bring chargers with you during the day.

In one of my first appointments of the day, my iPad died. It was mortifying as a first timer. I had charged it all night and either there was a short in the outlet I selected or it was bad luck. Fortunately I had my charger with me and we were able to continue our presentation. Be cool, be calm and stay charged.

8. Leave time between appointments and don’t lose your map.

I’m all about capitalizing on the opportunities this convention provides and making the most of your time, but don’t overestimate and over promise your commitments. These halls are HUGE. To the point where they have golf carts helping you to get from North to Central and South. I highly recommend leaving 30 minutes before appointments. And do not lose your map or it is game over. Mark your appointments out on your map the second you get there. As you stroll (run) to your next appointment, try to look for the booths of your next meetings. Each looks different and they all have something unique to help you spot them. Check out two of our client’s booths, Tanger Outlets and Lennar Commercial below.



9. Be careful at the parties.

It wouldn’t be Vegas without some great parties – Deal making by day, partying by night. When you’re invited to these parties, remember you are still working. Also remember not everyone remembers that. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, maintain your professionalism and move on. Watch the flow of the party, the atmosphere, how people are interacting, try to recognizes faces before you go talk to them, know who you would like to meet before you get to the party, and keep it professional. I recommend a two drink max, because don’t forget ICSC last for three days.

10. Have fun.

There’s no doubt this convention is work. But it’s exciting, thrilling, fast paced and can still be fun at the same time. Try not to let it cloud your judgment of what all of Las Vegas is like if you haven’t visited before for any other reason than ICSC. If you can go a day early or stay a day late, enjoy the beautiful uniqueness of each hotel like the Bellagio and the Wynn. 




We hope you enjoyed a first timer’s advise. Please pass it around your office, share with your first timers and call us if you want to meet infinitee in Vegas this year! (404) 231-3481. 

ICSC RECon 2015: Consider the Following Before You Go


infinitee_ICSC RECon Crowds

Each year for nearly 25 years, attending the International Council of Shopping Center (ICSC) RECon event has been an opportunity for infinitee to reconnect with our clients while hosting new business meetings with dozens of companies in the retail industry. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this annual event brings together more than 30,000 developers, brokers, tenants and owners from all over the world. For retail shopping centers, it is the biggest deal-making event of the year.

For those who have never been, consider the following:

  • There are three buildings comprising 3,200,000 square feet (North Hall, Central Hall and South Hall).

  • The distance from North Hall to South Hall is nearly one mile (golf cart drivers are provided for convenience).

  • Within the halls booth sizes range from 10 square feet to some as large as one city block.

  • The average attendee will walk over ten miles a day and consume a gallon of water to compensate for temperatures hovering around 90 degrees.

Now that you have a good picture of the scope of the convention center, imagine planning appointments and meetings with a sufficient amount of time to get to each one (30 minutes between appointments is not unusual). Mapping out a schedule is imperative (Download the program) as well as a good pair of walking shoes. You do not want to be the woman wearing high-heeled shoes putting bandages on her ankles. You can always switch out your flip-flops or tennis shoes before your meeting once you arrive at your destination (you will see plenty of experienced people doing just that).

Keep in mind that the Internet connectivity is iffy in the convention halls. Print out the information you need to reference just to be safe and be prepared with a back up plan if your presentation requires connectivity. It is best to have everything you need loaded on your laptop or Ipad and ready to go. And bring chargers - you don’t want to run out of battery power in the middle of your presentation.

Finally, if entertaining is part of your job, making reservations needs to be done well in advance to get the best selection of restaurants and shows. And one word of caution, especially for the younger exuberant first timers, meeting days last a long time when you are hung over. Drink in moderation. Everything that happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

The Latest Innovative Design Solutions in Websites: Infinite Scroll


What is the Infinite Scroll?

We’ve all seen the infinite scroll in some digital strategy or another. Most notably are social media networks. From Facebook to Pinterest, Instagram and more, users can scroll endlessly while new content is loaded. Now, businesses are adopting this innovative design solution too. The question, however, is to figure out if infinite scrolling is right for your business and operations.

Innovate Design Solutions – Infinite Scroll resized 600


Pros & Cons of the Infinite Scroll

Mobile Responsiveness – infinite scrolling seems to be built for mobile devices. It takes little effort for the end user to navigate a website from their thumb, increasing engagement and content absorption. You can showcase a lot of data and it’s updated immediately.

Increased Page Views – According to QuickSprout, page views increase enormously as each time a user continues to scroll and more content is loaded, that counts as a new page in Google Analytics. 

Decreased Interaction Cost – Because the website exists on a single page with interlinks only, it requires less build out of internal, secondary and tertiary pages significantly lowering interaction costs.

Hurts SEO – For years, innovative design solutions preached SEO. Search engine optimization was everything from having enough content on your site to using the right keywords, meta descriptions, alt tags, images, organized silos, inbound and outbound links, and more. The infinite scroll forgoes 90% of traditional SEO practices as it’s built in JavaScript and most search engines cannot crawl JavaScript. Search Engine Watch states: “One of the major challenges that you may encounter in trying to implement Infinite Scroll is indexing.” The only content a search engine will see when it lands on your page is what’s first presented to a user. This means this content needs to be as highly relevant and optimized to your company as possible. Another solution to combat these issues is through interlinking among the infinite scroll. 

User Limitations – infinite scroll websites do not provide a search tool to look for something specific or a skip option to jump to other content. (However, an appropriate interlinking strategy can adjust for this if done correctly and if all page content is valued equally.) There is also no footer on the JavaScript website design and therefore your business forgoes a standard CTA for information.

Is the Infinite Scroll right for you?

Concise Business: If your company’s website design currently has little information that rarely changes, you could use an infinite scroll with an appropriate interlinking strategy. It’s important that all content on your site have equal value. For instance, this may be a great option for a mixed-use development as you can promote retail, office and living through an appropriate interlinking strategy while being user friendly and showcasing the latest new store announcements, news and events.

Image Intense Business: Images work best for infinite scrolling, i.e. Instagram, Tumblr, etc. If you have an image intense site, this can be an effective digital design solution as well.

Ecommerce Sites: infinite scrolling will significantly hurt your ecommerce site. Entrepreneur explains how Etsy tried it for sometime and quickly realized users could not search for specific products, skip ahead or navigate the site based on their specific needs.

If you’re in the process of exploring new website solutions for your business, contact Jocelyn Smith at infinitee today. [Email: Jocelyn@infinitee.com O: (404) 231-3481 x119.]

The Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Social Media

It is no longer a question of whether or not a commercial real estate company should have an active social media presence. Remember the 90’s when companies realized they needed to build a website. No one can imagine not having a website today and so it is with social media platforms. The benefits far outnumber the negative misconceptions of time it takes to post and manage. And the analytics demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools to grow brand awareness, increase search engine optimization, and ultimately reach and engage with your customers.

The commercial real estate industry has been slow to adopt social media as a mainstream marketing tool. The reality is that CRE clients, corporate America, have already embraced social media — which means that CRE companies need to leverage it strategically to build their brand and grow their business by participating in the same online tools as their customers.

Few CRE companies do it consistently and even less do it well. A notable exception is Cushman & Wakefield that has an active presence on multiple platforms. Barbi Reuter, COO of Cushman & Wakefield, writes for CRE and launched the blog PICOR Connect, Trends in Commercial Real Estate. Reuter stated in a recent post, “Don’t let yourself be scared off by the vast world of social media. Think of it as an opportunity to give your brand a personal touch, and to more closely connect with the community around you.” Reuter commented about blogging, “the blog became the hub, and our social channels the spokes through which we share our messages.” 

Companies can no longer expect to reach specific targets via traditional marketing that pushes out messages through: advertising, brochures, direct mail, email, flyers and even websites. Social media has granted permission and access to consumers to share their opinion openly with the world, both good and bad. Being able to address both appropriately and timely can create life long brand advocates.

Although there are literally hundreds of social media platforms available, the most popular ones for business include: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogging. All have their unique advantages.

  • Facebook allows daily communication, transparency, brand exposure and industry engagement
  • Twitter is an instantaneous news feed of engagement and a great source for driving website traffic
  • YouTube is viewed by millions of subscribers daily and serves as an impactful messaging tool for showcasing images that speak volumes about your brand
  • Blogging positions a company as a thought leader and serve’s as new website content for the search engines ultimately increasing SEO

Developing a strategic messaging plan is the first step to executing social media and many companies will engage outside experts to write the plan based on specific goals. The plan can then be executed by an in-house team or be maintained by an outside resource. Experts in social media should propose a plan that is customized to the CRE company internal capabilities, objectives and budget.

Having an active presence on social media is no longer an option for CRE companies and, in fact, can be a detriment for some if they do not have an active voice online. If you are still questioning the value of social media, you are already behind the curve and your competitor may soon pass you by as they gleam customer insights, increase brand awareness and grow their business through social media.

To learn more about how social media can impact your businesses bottom line or to simply get started, contact our social media strategist, Chelsea Smith at infinitee or ask for our free Social Media Performance Audit to see how your brand is being talked about online.

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