5 Steps to Integrate Digital Strategy with Traditional Marketing

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There is a new term being tossed around in the marketing world. That term is “tradigital” and it refers to the successful integration of digital media and traditional advertising in marketing, often used in the sales process. Industry leaders consider this new train of thought to be extremely integral in developing all-encompassing marketing strategies, especially those geared towards millenials. In order to embrace this approach, you must understand the goals and how to reach them. In a recent article published by the Atlanta Busiess Chronicle, writer John Garcia outlines this method.

Step No. 1 –  Determine Destination

Before diving into a marketing strategy, you must think further than your goals to increase sales. Tradigital leverages traditional media to drive digital for maximum results. By setting clear and reasonable benchmarks, specifying the results you’re trying to achieve, you are guaranteed a benefit even if you don’t reach those goals. When the expected outcome is clear, your campaign will be effective.

Step No. 2 – Understand The Roles

As mentioned before, tradigital is a combination of traditional and digital marketing efforts. You have to recognize that each has its own place in the world. Traditional media is no longer the end-all-be-all method. It is now more of a conversation starter. Consumers take these messages and then turn online to continue those conversations.

Step No. 3 – Know Your Position

Garcia outlines the three strategies of digital adaption to help determine where you and your company are. These stages can also apply to new product or service launches.

    • Embryonic – At this stage your digital marketing techniques are not very well integrated into the marketing and sales process.
    • Intermediate – Digital marketing techniques are somewhat integrated, but there is still a lot of work to do.
    • Progressive – Marketing techniques are well-integrated, and are centered around a tradigital strategy.

Step No. 4 – Decide Approach

After you’ve determined where you stand in the digital adaption process, it’s time to figure out how to allocate your marketing budget and efforts. The success of most tradigital campaigns will result in a shift of dollars, migrating from traditional to digital. Naturally, your digital space will begin requiring more support and your reliance on traditional media will decrease.

If your company is in the embryonic stage or launching a new product or service, it’s recommended to allocate the majority of your funds to traditional media. The goal is to reach the largest number of people in your target audience with a clear and engaging tradigital message. This will drive the conversation or conversion online. You don’t necessarily need more digital to build digital. Remember, it cannot stand alone. You need the right mix of traditional media to build your digital, and then increase your digital efforts to engage and maintain that audience.

Step No. 5 – Build Your Audience

A tradigital strategy will help you find and build your own audience, people that come to you instead of having to reach out to them. The goal is to leverage traditional (mass) media to build your audience and then provide the proper support so that you can keep them engaged.


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