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Welcome to the conclusion of our 4-Part Series on Facebook Advertising Trends. In case you missed the previous trends, we’ve linked them below:

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Now we move onto one of our favorite things to talk about – creative and specifically we’re talking Stories Creative. 😍

2 Examples of Stories Creative for Tanger Outlets

Trend #4: Stories Creative

Facebook and Instagram Stories are rising to the top of the most effective ad placements – after all, it’s about the only ad option to click off Instagram. MediaKicks details 5 stats that show the impact story creative has:

  1. Facebook Stories reached 150 million daily active users in 14 months.
  2. Stories are growing 15x faster than newsfeed sharing.
  3. Only 10% of Facebook’s 1.45 billion daily active users have adopted Facebook Stories (so #1 is going to get bigger). 
  4. Popular apps (think Spotify, Soundcloud and GoPro) directly integrate with Facebook Stories.
  5. There are 10 country-specific slang Facebook Stories filters (which is more than Snapchat) indicating international market share.

Because of this, it’s incredibly important to create separate assets for your stories including video and static. These should be vertical placements where the copy/CTAs are above the “see more” URL and arrow in Instagram Stories especially. Media buyers can manually edit placements and upload a custom image or video for these stories in Ads Manager before launching a new campaign. Trust us – having the right creative makes a huge difference. 

Click here for spec sheet. (Honestly, we recommend just bookmarking this page.) And remember, the 20% text rule still exists! Make sure your ads don’t have more than 20% text in the image and test your creative before uploading here

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 4-Part Series on Facebook Advertising Trends and and that some of our insights and takeaways are applicable to your campaigns.  As always, we’re here to chat and welcome the conversation.


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