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How will commercial real estate players react to pandemic challenges in 2022? Here are five predictions Bisnow reported on that we want to share.

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The office sector is adapting to COVID-19 realities, but many changes are in service to a constant, the need for collaboration and personal connection at work.

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Real Estate Markets May Fade, But Marketing Efforts Should Not

Given the indicators (and instigators) of impending recession, how can real estate companies combine past lessons with new approaches to weather the next downturn?

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Real Estate Trends We’re Watching: All About Amenities

While location was once a key factor in attracting tenants and residents, a growing trend in best-in-class amenities programs and offerings is emerging. In an increasingly competitive real estate environment, attracting (and retaining) top-tier talent, tenants, and residents means giving them more – more access, more activities, and more amenities. Today, we’re exploring amenities programs

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infinitee Welcomes Commercial Real Estate Company to Client Roster

infinitee, a full-service real estate marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, is proud to announce the addition of Accesso to its client roster. Selected as the agency of record, infinitee has been engaged to refresh the corporate brand identity, including marketing and rebranding trophy assets within the prestigious commercial real estate portfolio, and assist with the

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infinitee Partners with PMRG to Create Environmental Graphics Program for Platinum Tower Bisnow Event

PM Realty Group recently engaged infinitee to develop a unique strategy to assist in leasing premier office space within Platinum Tower, a highly visible class A office building a stone’s throw away from the new SunTrust Park Stadium. Currently, Platinum Tower has 100,000 RSF available on the top four floors. Building signage is also available which will allow a prospective tenant’s brand

Commercial Real Estate Social Media Marketing
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The Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate

It is no longer a question of whether or not a commercial real estate company should have an active social media presence. Remember the 90’s when companies realized they needed to build a website? Well, now we’re in 2-0-1-7 and so it is with social media platforms. The benefits far outnumber the negative misconceptions of

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What Commercial Developers Need to Know to Attract Companies with a Millennial Workforce

The Pew Research Center marked 2015 as the first year in which millennials made up the largest portion of the workforce, making this demographic group the focus for many real estate commercial developers. Both new and remodeled buildings need to include essential elements and features to attract companies with a Millennial-dominated workforce in order to

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The Tech Revolution Affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Recent CRE marketing trends and technological innovations are about to change the way highly data driven, mobile and collaborative, commercial real estate companies do business. Over the past decade, a rise in competition and institutionalization of the real estate asset class has transformed the CRE industry. The shift towards a desire for portfolio visibility, data

Retail Real Estate Outlook 2018
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A Robust Commercial and Retail Real Estate Outlook for 2015

As we move into second quarter 2015, times are good for the real estate industry. After years of cut backs, companies are hiring once again. Nearly 2.5 million new jobs are predicted, according to ADP Research Institute. Mortgage lenders are underwriting loans and pouring money into value-added opportunities. Commercial real estate investing continues to look