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Programmatic Media Buys: What You Need to Know

There’s a phenomenon going on in the digital ad space and it’s called Programmatic Media Buys. Here’s what you need to know about it and why it’s one of the best uses of your digital dollars. What is a programmatic buy? Programmatic Media Buys serve digital ads to the right users, in the right places at

E-Commerce Gen-X
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E-Commerce Advertising: Don’t Ignore Gen-X

Tech-savvy Millennials were the age group on every marketer’s mind in 2016 especially when it comes to e-commerce. However, older generations like Gen-X and the Baby Boomers actually account for a significant amount of online spending, and according to Business insider, 25% of mobile shoppers are over the age of 55. So what does this mean

One Million Impressions in 30 days Riveroaks
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How to Get 1.29 M Impressions in 30 Days

From April 18-May 18, infinitee was tasked with launching an integrated spring campaign for River Oaks Shopping Center in the heart of Houston, Texas. The number one goal was to increase brand awareness among the local market to targeted shoppers and customers through integrated, digital marketing efforts across multiple platforms and mediums. River Oaks Shopping Center At a

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By the Numbers

Another RECon convention has come to an end and the stats are in about the shopping center industry’s global retail deal making trade show for real estate professionals. Over 36,000 attendees and nearly 1,000 exhibitors spent three days in Las Vegas securing new leases for centers, viewing the latest industry products and services, attending educational

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ICSC RECon 2016: Using Social Media to Your Advantage: Part One

Ahh, it’s that time of year again when the conference heard round the shopping center industry induces panic and preparation in all the major players of the game: RECon. Words often associated: crazy, busy, non-stop, exhaustion, hard to keep up. Sound familiar? I say, bring it on. My agency has been in business for 26

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ICSC RECon 2016: Using Social Media to Your Advantage: Part Two

Welcome back!  Last week we talked about where to engage at ICSC RECon16. You can check that blog here in case you missed it. This week we’re focused on what to post. Content is key in engaging with ICSC’s profiles and followers – how many times have you heard this? It’s even more important when engaging

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ICSC RECon 2016: Using Social Media to Your Advantage: Part Three

Alright, you’ve made it the last part of this series! Today we talk about all about how to manage everything I just spent two weeks discussing – where to engage and what to post on social media at ICSC RECon16. If you’re one of those people that isn’t ready for a personal Twitter, that’s okay –

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Brick-and-mortar Gets a Digital Makeover

One of the biggest topics in retail for 2016 is the rise of e-commerce. New technology and the digitization of the industry will bring a lot of change to the retail industry in the coming year. Some predictions for the direction of e-commerce in the new year include: Facebook will surpass YouTube for branding. Facebook

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infinitee Executes Successful Shopping Center Social Media Campaigns

infinitee, a full-service, strategic marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, executed multiple cost-effective fall and holiday digital media campaigns for its shopping center clients, The Avenue Murfreesboro and Specialty Shops SouthPark.

2016 Digital Marketing Trends
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Win The 2016 Digital Marketing Marathon

Emerging and evolving digital trends continue to change the marketing and media landscape. Companies are faced with a decision: maintain their current pace and undoubtedly fall behind the pack, or pick up the speed and stay ahead of the competition. Adapting your company’s marketing strategy to incorporate these seven digital marketing trends in 2016 is