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Video Series Part 3: 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

As a recap, we have been discussing the impact of video marketing on your brand, different types of videos to consider, and who can benefit from implementing videos in their marketing strategy. Video is an investment — but one with the most legs. When storyboarding a new video, think about where the video will live

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Video Series Part 4: How to Create Effective Videos

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final post in our 4-part Video Series. Now that you better understand the impact of video marketing on your brand, the 10 different types of videos to consider, and  8 ways to use video in your marketing strategy, let’s explore the best ways to create effective videos. Below are

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Immerse Yourself in this Underwater Photoshoot

infinitee was engaged by Gables Residential to create an upscale and unique collateral piece for the marketing and leasing initiatives of one of their newest properties, Gables Columbus Center in Coral Gables, Florida. With a tagline of “Immerse Yourself in Elegance”, the use of striking underwater fashion images was proposed to support the messaging. The

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Creating a Dominant Content Marketing and Communications Strategy

Never before have businesses been on the same playing field. With advancements to the Internet and online marketing, more businesses are leveraging the rewards of a global marketplace and the game is becoming harder to play. Social media, more importantly, has played a large role in this globalization phenomenon and with revolutionizing company’s marketing strategies.

How Local SEO Can Help Your Business
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Why Local SEO Could Help Your Business

A recent study done by Google found that 18% of local searches on a smartphone lead to a purchase within a day, compared to just seven percent of non-local searches. These high percentages also compared with other mobile devices, i.e. tablets and desktops. Google also found that more consumers wanted their local advertising and marketing

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Improve Your Integrated Marketing Strategy: Build a Content Machine

If your company is just now getting on the corporate blogging train, you’re already falling behind. Blogging is an essential part of developing an online strategy that seamlessly integrates with other digital and traditional marketing efforts. Now, blogs are no longer the only “content” component in a healthy inbound marketing strategy. The scope of “content”