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Recruitment marketers, like all professionals, must adapt to changing economic conditions, but a strong formula and trusted partner always help to stand the test of time.

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How Internal Marketing Can Help Pandemic-Proof Senior Living Communities

Last week, Barb shared paradigm-shifting insights for branding the senior living space. This week read our top tips on using internal marketing to better prepare senior living communities for times of crisis.

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A New Approach To Recruitment Marketing

Providing powerfully personalized recruitment marketing services, infinitee leverages three decades of experience connecting brands to prospective employees.

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Talent Matters

Two conferences in two months! It has been a busy time at infinitee. Several weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on the CampusConnex conference, and now it’s time to reflect on my nuggets of wisdom regarding talent acquisition from the SOAHR SHRM Atlanta Conference. Whatever industry you are in, most likely you are not immune

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infinitee Welcomes New Clients

infinitee, a full-service, strategic marketing agency in Atlanta, GA, is proud to welcome its new clients Carolinas HealthCare System, Peacock Interiors, River Oaks Shopping Center and Stafford Development Company. Ranging from employee recruitment marketing to social media and branding, infinitee will provide a diverse mix of marketing and advertising services. Carolinas HealthCare System, founded in 1940 and one of the