Connecting a Shopper’s Cyber Footprint to Your Store’s Foot Traffic: Part 3

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Myth: Customers online are only interested in e-commerce shopping
Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway Group

Do you agree that consumers are online more than ever before?

Myth #3: Customers searching online are only interested in e-commerce shopping.

Reality: Online advertising is a powerful way to drive consumers to shop in-store.

Consumers are online more than ever before, but e-commerce still only represents 7.8% of total US retail sales. Retailers who embrace the digital space and provide consumers with relevant, local information will drive shoppers in-store and improve the customer experience.

For example, retailers can share product in-store availability in a consumer’s initial search results. Then using geo-targeting, local inventory ads served when that shopper is nearby will increase the likelihood that he or she will walk into the store and make the buy. Savvy retailers who utilize customized offers like these throughout the shopping journey will ultimately stay ahead of the competition.

For most of us, this is exciting. However, the ability to nearly perfectly close this loop is creating a larger-than-ever gap between sophisticated marketers and the rest of the pack. Retailers must understand the fundamentals of programmatic media and measurement sooner rather than later to keep their businesses competitive.

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Please thank Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway Group, a managed services programmatic media company supporting over 100 regional ad agencies in the United States, for sharing this industry knowledge.


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