E-Commerce Advertising: Don’t Ignore Gen-X

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E-Commerce Gen-X

Tech-savvy Millennials were the age group on every marketer’s mind in 2016 especially when it comes to e-commerce. However, older generations like Gen-X and the Baby Boomers actually account for a significant amount of online spending, and according to Business insider, 25% of mobile shoppers are over the age of 55.

So what does this mean for your e-commerce advertising strategy? Don’t alienate the older generations with a millennial-focused strategy – especially in regards to ecommerce.

Below are key takeaways for a multi-faceted e-commerce advertising strategy geared towards Gen-X.

  1. Highlight Product Quality.

According to Ascendia, quality is the most important consideration for an older online shopper. While Millennials focus on scoring deals on products due to having the lowest incomes, Generation X and Baby Boomers have more wiggle room with their budgets. Play up the quality of the product in an obvious and enticing way for them, like JM & Sons does on its “About Us” section of its website.

  1. Utilize Email Marketing.

You can’t go wrong with email marketing to back your ecommerce strategy. According to MarketingSherpa, over 60% of every age group prefers that companies communicate with them by email marketing. This is in stark contrast with the less than 30% of every age group that prefers communication on a mobile app or the less than 40% of every age group that prefers communication on social media.

  1. Keep it Simple.

Simplify the buying process for older e-commerce users who expect ease and convenience as they spend the least amount of time on electronics. The call-to-action button should link the shopper directly to their shopping cart; links that open other tabs could deter impatient users. For more tips, reference Ecommerce Guide.

  1. Ask for Feedback.

Asking for customer feedback on the purchasing process will help your business find the perfect balance between simple and modern. Since your specific products attract a certain clientele of their own, it’s important to keep testing and modifying your e-commerce experience in order to find the perfect fit for them.

  1. Deliver a Seamless Experience.

Don’t forget the millennials since these shoppers do make up such a large portion of your online customer base. They still are looking for a seamless, updated online experience in line with their advanced tech skill. Your website should be current and trendy to appeal to this fickle generation while not losing sight of the features above.  

All of your customers are important and should be considered in your e-commerce strategy, but the range of generations surfing your site makes this task difficult. While articles on Millennials demands’ of online shopping are popping up on the internet every day, older generations with the highest disposable incomes are being put on the back burner. Maximizing on these powerful age groups will ensure that you are not missing out on easy sales giving you a leg up on your competition. See more insights from infinitee here.


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