Empowering Women Through Thunderclap Social Media Campaign

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Women hold 52% of all professional-level jobs, 60% of undergrad degrees, 47% law degrees, 48% medical and 44% masters in business and management degrees, yet women only represent 14.6% of female executive officers and only 8.1% are the top earners in their family. These astounding statistics resonate with infinitee, a 25 year-old, women owned full-service marketing and advertising agency. To celebrate the longevity of the company and their long-standing partnership, they want to go bigger than celebrating their company – they want to celebrate and promote all working women and women run workplaces around the world!

To do this they have partnered with the Atlanta, GA affiliate of the international organization, Dress for Success to promote their Professional Women’s Group program. The Professional Women’s Group focuses on giving women the partnership of support, practical information and inspiration to achieve self-defined success in their career and in life. One of their leading programs, the Professional Women’s Group, provides clients with information that will help women unfamiliar with the workplace continue to develop skills and advance in their careers. The PWG offers members a comfortable atmosphere in which they can share, grow and network with other women who have recently made the same transition into the workforce.

In order to accomplish the goal of raising awareness about Dress For Success Atlanta’s Professional Women’s Group they are using a new social media platform, Thunderclap. Thunderclap is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together across the web. This means that no matter how big the corporation or how small the individual, they can be heard through a greater cause and platform. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, in order to rise above the noise of other social networks. When an organization sets a goal, Thunderclap allows users to share that Thunderclap page with the user’s followers. Thunderclap also keeps track of how many followers each sharer has via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and calculates a total number of followers reached. When the goal is met, Thunderclap sends out the designated message through every campaign users’ profiles that have supported the cause at one time, creating a mass message in a digital flash-mob style. The Thunderclap campaign can be promoted through links in statuses, tweets and blog posts or even website buttons. Essentially Thunderclap capitalizes on word of mouth marketing that social media so easily provides.

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Infinitee has set their goal at 1,000 supporters to be met by November 1, 2014. They believe that with the Thunderclap campaign they can successfully raise awareness for Dress For Success Atlanta and their Professional Women’s’ Group for all of the help they provide to women in the workplace.

Help infinitee share the message through their Thunderclap campaign: http://thndr.it/1wzHMqS


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