How To Master Advertising and Marketing Excellence


A partnership and thriving business of 25 years is not an easy achievement for any company, but having a high standard of excellence called Imperial Standards, has equaled success for infinitee. A women owned advertising and marketing agency that set the bar for customer experience and never looked back.

Our Credo

infinitee understands how to improve brands, communications and customer experiences. Our strategic and creative solutions build brand equity and drive sales for companies across all industries. Through all facets of marketing a brand, we keep the work focused on results, the relationship fun, the price right, and the momentum high, as we go beyond client expectations.

Our Mantra

To continually strive for the best solution, the smartest plan and the points of difference that give our clients a distinct advantage in today’s marketplace.

Our Philosophy

We believe in endless possibilities and big ideas:

  • We focus on the customer, that’s how you naturally create a loyal customer. This goes for how we treat our clients, as well as how we approach advertising, marketing and branding for our clients.
  • We understand the serious investment of communications and marketing, and ensure our clients see a return.
  • We honor the trust our clients invest when they hire infinitee as a partner.
  • We make the work relevant, memorable, and actionable for the real owners of your brand: your audience.
  • We balance strategy, execution, and speed to be effective.
  • We let results rule, from building brand equity to driving sales.
  • We make them measureable, traceable, and improve on them every single time.
  • We never, ever pass the buck.
  • We embrace challenge!

Our Regal Commitment



Exceptional Service


Excellence in all that we do

The infinitee Promise

We promise to be a true collaborative marketing partner to our clients because their success is our success.

So Why Purple?

Red is a color full of energy and vigor. When this vibrant hue is combined with blue, known for its structure and stability, you get a unique result – purple. This distinctive color encompasses the essence of infinitee, which fuses an unlimited capacity for creativity with invaluable industry expertise to create one-of-a-kind advertising and marketing solutions. Aside from its rarity, the color purple represents enlightenment, imagination, and keen observation, qualities that the infinitee team possesses and exercises on a daily basis. The infintee purple is a custom Pantone color, making it a unique one-of-a-kind hue, just like the work and results we provide for all our clients.

To learn more about the infinitee team, our philosophy or our mission to constantly and consistently enhance client performance, contact our Atlanta advertising agency today.



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