infinitee Hires a New Brand Coordinator


With Julia Vitti, good things come in small packages. infinitee’s new 4-foot-11 Brand Coordinator describes herself as small but mighty. The Atlanta native’s outsized passion, eagerness and caring attitude will, no doubt, lead to a large marketing impact for agency clients. 

The biggest obstacle to overcome is yourself,” Julia said. “When you have self-belief, you can do anything. Great teamwork helps, too.”

Julia grew up in the world of advertising, with both of her parents having extensive experience in the industry. That led to child modeling work and assisting on photoshoots. She began her professional career as a project manager for interior designers before shifting to advertising.

Julia is working closely with infinitee’s brand directors and team, contributing to marketing projects, developing brand strategy, creating content for online brand presence, scheduling communications, and assessing the progress of branding and messaging initiatives. She most enjoys evaluating client needs and helping the infinitee team elevate those from marketing conception into final production, especially with agency photo shoots. 

“Julia’s creative marketing passion and love of analytics and research, combined with her project launch and management experience, has already been a great benefit to infinite,” said Barbara McGraw, Co-Founder and CMO of infinitee. “We are really excited about how she has already helped elevate the marketing team’s performance.”

Julia earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Auburn University. When not deftly balancing the creative and analytical sides of marketing and advertising, she enjoys exercising in the great outdoors, feeding her passion for cooking, and spending quality time with friends and family


About infinitee

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