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Power Play: Why Video in Email is Winning

When done well, incorporating video into your emails can strengthen your brand with just one click. We share our cliff notes view of what you need to know.

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Perception vs Experience: UX Will Make or Break your 2021 Google Ranking

Google recently announced their 2021 ranking algorithm will include weighted factors that assess the user’s perception, as well as the built-in UX, of every single webpage. These factors will be taken as part of your site’s holistic engagement and ultimately have some deciding impact on how high (or low) your page ranks in search. Read about our top discussions on the announcement and how we foresee blending this into our clients’ strategies.

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Cost & Effect : Why Pandemic Marketing is your New Cash Cow

Why marketing, right now, will make or break your brand and why you shouldn’t cut your marketing budget in times of crisis.

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3 Ways Retail Brands Have Adapted to Consumers’ New Buying Behaviors

Consumer behavior is erratic at best. Now, more than ever, companies are wondering how to connect, create and communicate to stay relevant. Learn how two retailers have adapted to changes in consumer behavior and have come out on top of their industries.

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2020 Vision — How COVID-19 is Changing Tech for Business

While so much of our daily life feels stuck in neutral, technology development has shifted into overdrive to meet the demands of our “new normal”. From retail to senior living facilities, read about three technology trends our clients are exploring to help minimize contact and maximize customer experience.

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Deepfake Marketing: Emerging Tool or Bad Idea?

What is deepfake marketing and does its potential outweigh its risks. Read on to learn more about this new technology and how it might impact your marketing and advertising.