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From myth-busting the Boomer generation to redefining wellness for a “new normal”, our INsights: Senior Living series has doubled-down on the marketing and seniors housing industries with new ideas on integrating technology, strategic perspectives, and branding best practices. This week, we’re wrapping up with a detailed look at this advice in action at Peachtree Hills Place and The Terraces at Peachtree Hills Place (its on-site continuing care residences) in Atlanta, GA.

The Vision

infinitee is proud to be the agency of record for these Isakson Living properties. Our unique blend of real estate and healthcare expertise was the fitting solution for their Peachtree Hills Place vision — an amenity-rich, independent living community focused on active lifestyles with on-site continuing care. Located on 20 acres in its namesake historic neighborhood of Buckhead, the properties offer livable luxury within easy access to the neighborhood’s finest features.

Andy Isakson, managing partner of Isakson Living, was motivated to build this one-of-a-kind development when he undertook the task of helping his parents find a sophisticated community that was also equipped for their later years. Underwhelmed by the market, Isakson redoubled his efforts and visited 75 properties around the globe to identify what elements were integral to a long, healthy and happy life. Without exception, it was the sense of belonging that helped residents stay active and feel connected to a larger purpose; that sentiment became the cornerstone for our people-first brand strategy.  

The Influencers

Unlike previous generations, Boomers are taking an earlier and much more deliberate role in the decision to move into an independent living community. For Peachtree Hills Place, we targeted affluent Boomers who would join as Members. Understanding this audience went much deeper than the common senior living statistics and assumptions. As the first and only resort-styled, equity model 55+ community in Buckhead, we identified the human truths that had caused a disconnect with the existing market. Boomers want convenience, recognition, freedom and wellness programs without the pressure to feel “always on” among their neighbors. Through the brand promise of livable luxury, we elevated the concierge-level services and on-site amenities into a lifestyle story that created understanding and validated the legacy of potential residents. 

The Rebrand

Early in our discussions, Isakson shared his game-changing realization, “It’s all about the people”. Taking that perspective to heart, Peachtree Hills Place was rebranded as a vibrant community of accomplished individuals. Inspired by the fine details found throughout the property, such as original works of art, Craftsman architecture and two regulation-sized croquet courts, the concept of “A Life Well-Played” was introduced. This sophisticated word-play paid reverence to the unique life of each Member; that nuance of seeing people for who they are, set the community apart in a market otherwise focused on who they had been.

We carried this individualized perspective through the visuals by creating a vast library of custom lifestyle photography and Member interviews. This photo/video shoot took place on-site and featured real community Members engaging with each other and enjoying the community. We also elevated the iconic monogram into a mark of excellence that is supported by chic, tessellated line art and editorial-style collateral. A bright, nature-based neutrals color palette and modern serif font carry through the polished look while maximizing legibility for aging eyes. The final design was an exclusive mix of destination marketing that pulled inspiration from hospitality, travel, fashion and culture.

The Strategy

Peachtree Hills Place offers an unrivaled equity model of membership. The lease-up strategy for this particular property had to educate audiences on two fronts: the literal value of buying into a luxury retirement community as well as the intangible value of prolonged wellbeing as a result of maintaining an active lifestyle and minimizing loneliness. Further in the pipeline, it also had to address sensitivities around inheritance versus investments and the uncertainties of off-site rehabilitation and continuing care.

Generating highly-qualified leads that accelerated the pace of home sales meant launching with an informative phase that introduced Peachtree Hills Place as the ultimate model of carefree home ownership and its many benefits. We underlined this info-heavy push with lifestyle imagery to subconsciously reinforce the sense of belonging that anchors the new brand.

A multi-pronged strategic marketing plan was activated with attention to print as well as digital. To initiate 1:1 engagement, direct mail was used to showcase upcoming events. By styling these pieces as high-touch invitations to lunches and cocktail parties, prospective Members and a guest were given the opportunity to engage directly with the property management while meeting their future neighbors. Magazine advertorials, placed in affluent regional publications, focused on the life stories of existing Peachtree Hills Place Members and highlighted the diversity and sophistication of the community. The benefits and amenities of the property were treated as supporting elements to reinforce the story. 

The integrated digital campaign began with an enhanced, data-capture website that enabled a personalized touchpoint approach to the sales process. Additional tactics included pay-per-click, programmatic display, geofencing and retargeting, paid social ads, and email marketing. We created a variety of digital banners and embedded Member video testimonials to create a richer user experience and generate a higher click-through-rate. 


The final element was on-property integration. To help meet goals and assist the marketing team, a marketing center was designed to support lease-up efforts. Site plan signage, interactive video screens, and an engaging sales team were all integral to increasing home sales.

The Results

This comprehensive campaign approach paid off in big ways. Goals were far exceeded with Phase 1 homes sold out months ahead of schedule as Phase 2 sales followed suit. The digital media campaign targeted 55+ adults, in five major Atlanta zip codes. Year-over-year, digital advertising generated a 41% increase in leads while the website generated a 232% increase in traffic. Display generated 26,865,599 impressions and 47,812 clicks with a .17% CTR; video generated 2,073,041 impressions with 108,433 clicks and a 5.2% CTR. As of September 2020, 86% of the 204 available homes are sold and occupied.

The success of this campaign has forecasted promising results for The Terraces at Peachtree Hills Place, as well. Due to the higher level of care offered, qualifications for residency at The Terraces required a slight shift to the overall target audience. To maximize the campaign’s impact, we targeted retirees aged 55+ in Atlanta, as well as the metro cities of Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Smyrna; we also augmented the audience to include caregivers seeking high-end assisted living. 

After delaying their omni-channel campaign launch due to COVID, The Terraces hosted a Virtual Grand Opening on September 28. A 30-day review of two weeks before and two weeks after the event shows 1,328,754 total impressions, 2,654 clicks with a .20% CTR, and 160 Virtual Tours completed. 

Want to learn more about our specialized lease-up strategies? Looking for advice on structuring your proforma for comprehensive marketing? Schedule a chat with Vince. 


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