Social Media For Business – Five Simple Steps To Implementing It Effectively

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Today social media is essential for business. It is the number one digital tool to engage customers and prospects and offers measurable analytics for strategic targeted campaign objectives. Businesses must embrace this communication evolution and control what is being said about your business, whether you like it or not. Ignoring it is no longer an option. If you are just getting started, here are a few simple steps to implement effective social media into your business marketing and communications strategy.

1. First things first, social media platforms:

When you set up a social media strategy, you must have a game plan. There are many social media platforms available and selecting the most appropriate social media platform to engage in for your organization is critical. Hire a social media expert to help you decide whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ (just to name a few) are the most appropriate platforms for your brand messaging and to reach your target audience. There are an overwhelming amount of channels to select from and not all of them are the right choice for your business.

2. Different channels serve different purposes:

A restaurant offers a menu with options. Social media is very similar: each channel offers its own flavor, style and purpose. By developing a content strategy relevant to each channel, your messaging will be streamlined, engaging and effective.

3. Social media is for socializing:

Social media is inherently communicative. Connecting and interacting with customers is not only good for your business, it lets customers speak on your behalf. Nothing speaks louder than a customer advocate singing your praises. Engage your raving fan base by encouraging an open discussion and dialogue through relevant, thought provoking content.

4. Optimize yourself:

Engagement is important, but so is optimization of your social media content. Posts on social media channels need to include keywords your business wants to rank for. Keywords embedded in posts help search engines find the content that matches queries online. Making the extra effort to invest the time in optimizing every post will help your customers to find your business organically.

5. Consider all social media channels:

When developing your social media strategy it is important to consider all of the available channels and then decide which ones will be primary or secondary ones. One channel in particular is Google+. A survey found that leading markets believe that Google+ plays the second largest part in determining search engine rankings. Seek help from experts who understand the ever-evolving social media platforms and options available online in order to make the most effective and strategic social media plan for your business.

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