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Isakson’s vision for Peachtree Hills Place is design, form, function and friends

Andy Isakson of Isakson Living, explains how Peachtree Hills Place, an Independent Living Community, was inspired by a global journey.


Rise of Mixed-Use Developments

Atlanta State of the Market: Mixed-Use on the Rise Take a look around any Atlanta neighborhood and it’s easy to see that our city is growing. At the Bisnow Atlanta State of the Market event last month, we heard from some of those at the forefront of major real estate developments in the area and

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Real Estate Trends We’re Watching: All About Amenities

While location was once a key factor in attracting tenants and residents, a growing trend in best-in-class amenities programs and offerings is emerging. In an increasingly competitive real estate environment, attracting (and retaining) top-tier talent, tenants, and residents means giving them more – more access, more activities, and more amenities. Today, we’re exploring amenities programs

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What Commercial Developers Need to Know to Attract Companies with a Millennial Workforce

The Pew Research Center marked 2015 as the first year in which millennials made up the largest portion of the workforce, making this demographic group the focus for many real estate commercial developers. Both new and remodeled buildings need to include essential elements and features to attract companies with a Millennial-dominated workforce in order to


2014 Trends in Mixed-Use Developments

Walkability, vibrancy, community, all traits of mixed-use developments that have been called a trend to watch in 2014, as the demand to live, work, and play in one location continues to grow at remarkable rates. Consumer and tenant interests are transitioning from the hustle and bustle of large urban areas to small town, niche environments.