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While new tech tools get a lot of attention, office teams still must rely on time-tested protocols and enduring values for effective collaboration and synergy in the COVID-19 era.


Top 5 Reasons Why infinitee’s Summer Internship is a Must Consider

The top 5 reasons to consider a summer internship at infinitee according to Graham Palmer, a 2019 intern.


Our Favorite Things | Holiday Gifts Inspired by infinitee

With the Holidays upon us, we’ve put together a few of some of our team’s favorite gift giving items this Holiday Season. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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Pedaling Towards a Cure for Alzheimer’s

Currently, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and if you’re like most of the team members here at infinitee, you have felt the impact the disease has had on a loved one. Because this cause is so close to home, we were honored to support Pedal for Alzheimer’s, an incredible event

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What Commercial Developers Need to Know to Attract Companies with a Millennial Workforce

The Pew Research Center marked 2015 as the first year in which millennials made up the largest portion of the workforce, making this demographic group the focus for many real estate commercial developers. Both new and remodeled buildings need to include essential elements and features to attract companies with a Millennial-dominated workforce in order to

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Real Estate Trend: Millennials Influence Office Space Design and Functionality

  The millennial generation is influencing design and functionality of office environments. This age group born between 1981 and 2000 represents 38% of the work force. The older age bracket of this group, those in their mid-30’s, are demanding innovative space planning and amenities. Employers need to realize the need to appeal to this demographic

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The Open Office Space Debate

Nearly 120 million individuals in the United States work for small businesses, accounting for over half of the country’s population. Industry professionals claim that in order to remain competitive in the search for efficient office space, commercial real estate companies must work with architects to implement open office space designs and modify their real estate