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Cost & Effect : Why Pandemic Marketing is your New Cash Cow

Why marketing, right now, will make or break your brand and why you shouldn’t cut your marketing budget in times of crisis.

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3 Ways Retail Brands Have Adapted to Consumers’ New Buying Behaviors

Consumer behavior is erratic at best. Now, more than ever, companies are wondering how to connect, create and communicate to stay relevant. Learn how two retailers have adapted to changes in consumer behavior and have come out on top of their industries.

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2020 Vision — How COVID-19 is Changing Tech for Business

While so much of our daily life feels stuck in neutral, technology development has shifted into overdrive to meet the demands of our “new normal”. From retail to senior living facilities, read about three technology trends our clients are exploring to help minimize contact and maximize customer experience.

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Deepfake Marketing: Emerging Tool or Bad Idea?

What is deepfake marketing and does its potential outweigh its risks. Read on to learn more about this new technology and how it might impact your marketing and advertising.

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Your Brain on Branding — the Science Behind Brands that Matter

Want the secret formula for a fool-proof brand? It’s all about striking the right balance between research, reality and results. Read our latest blog post before your next brainstorm.

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The Tech Revolution Affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Recent CRE marketing trends and technological innovations are about to change the way highly data driven, mobile and collaborative, commercial real estate companies do business. Over the past decade, a rise in competition and institutionalization of the real estate asset class has transformed the CRE industry. The shift towards a desire for portfolio visibility, data

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Atlanta Real Estate Boomers

2015 marks the year of the boomers. No, we’re not talking about population trends; we’re talking about the commercial and retail real estate industry in the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta’s retail market alone is booming, reaching peak statistics since the mid-2000s. The city’s retail occupancy is the highest it has been in seven years, and

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Tanger Outlets & infinitee: A Longstanding Partnership

In 1996, infinitee won the business of Tanger Outlets, representing a sizeable account for infinitee. What began as a relationship between infinitee and Tanger Outlets to produce traditional shopping center advertising materials has expanded into a long-time, successful partnership to deliver complex, multi-media programs that successfully engage shoppers online, on air and on site.  The

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5 Steps to Integrate Digital Strategy with Traditional Marketing

There is a new term being tossed around in the marketing world. That term is “tradigital” and it refers to the successful integration of digital media and traditional advertising in marketing, often used in the sales process. Industry leaders consider this new train of thought to be extremely integral in developing all-encompassing marketing strategies, especially

Parameters, Process, Partnership, Prepare and People.
Dan Louie, Volvo Cars of North America
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Successful Event Planning: A 5-Step Strategic Marketing Approach

Developing and executing events is a specialty that takes experience and attention to detail to successfully implement even the most modest event. Event planning for a business event that anticipates attendance in the hundreds or even thousands can be a daunting task and requires refinement and decision management skills as the Consumer Events Project Manager