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Gables Columbus Center
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Coral Gables, FL is an ultra-affluent, highly competitive market just minutes from downtown Miami and is also the location Gables Residential selected for its newest, contemporary, amenity-rich multifamily community – Gables Columbus Center. 

In a booming market with apartment communities popping up left and right, and a huge influx of residents looking for housing, how do you make your brand stand out?

Well, you think outside of the box! Or, in this case, inside the pool.

immerse yourself
in elegance

Market demand for upscale, sophisticated apartment homes with the latest and greatest contemporary amenities was the driving force behind the “Immerse Yourself” campaign for Gables Columbus Center. The brand needed to reflect a visual identity that would not only appeal to the affluent potential residents but also speak to the elegance that Gables Residential wove into every detail of the multifamily community.


A few creative brainstorming sessions later, our team proposed an underwater photoshoot to support the “Immerse Yourself in Elegance” positioning. Home run! With that, we were off to the races sourcing locations with heated pools, dive teams, a stylist who could work magic and planning for a first-in-agency-history, underwater shoot. No pressure!


something in
the water

For the first time in their careers, our models completed an underwater photoshoot that required nine hours in the pool fully clothed in tuxedos, shoes and an evening gown. They held their breath for an average of two minutes per shot and divers were stationed at the bottom of the pool to provide oxygen. When it was over, we captured over 100 images to support the messaging and which allowed us to develop marketing assets that made a splash with leasing efforts for the community.

Gables Columbus Center

At a Glance

Coral Gables, Florida

Contemporary luxury high-rise community managed by Gables Residential.

1, 2, 3 and penthouse apartment homes featuring oversized windows, balconies, and extensive terraces.

Best in class amenities including concierge service, fitness center, penthouse lounge, pool & terrace, electronic vehicle charging stations and more.