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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is not a new a dimension to the online marketing world, but has recently gained the spotlight as the leading online marketing tactic. SEO can be slightly overwhelming to the creative marketing or advertising mind. From keywords, to Google results, to alt tags, Meta tags, content-driving web results, it’s easy to lose yourself in the technicalities instead of focusing on the creative marketing that drives SEO.

SEO is fantastic for B2B marketing strategy or B2C. It’s the key method of connecting businesses and consumers in cyberspace. It’s imperative that your brand’s site incorporates SEO into its digital strategy to generate and capture leads and ultimately sales.

But again, SEO can be very overwhelming. Too often we feel we are learning about it as we go. But if you do nothing else for SEO, try implementing the following three proven marketing strategies as defined by Search Engine Watch to start building a foundation for search engine optimization strategy.

#1 – Figure Where Your Site is Now

An SEO assessment allows you to have a bird’s eye view of how your brand’s website is currently performing. The best way to do this is by checking your Indexing Status through Google Webmaster Tools.  By doing this, you can see how many pages of your website are included in Google’s Index (Special Note: You can reach this by clicking the “Health” tab once you have logged in to your Google website account).

There are two things to look for with your Index Status:

1. How many pages are registered in Google’s Index

2. How many are not registered

If you have too few pages registered and/or if you have too many registered pages, this could present a problem in your website appearing in Google’s search results. That’s ultimately what this small test can teach you. The tricky part is deciding what to do next in your digital strategy if a problem exists.

#2 – Perfect your Keyword List

Keywords are what generate organic leads. Make sure the keywords you use on your website match what future prospects are typing into search engines.

The best way to match your keywords list with clients in a B2B marketing strategy is to make the keywords the title of your pages for major products or services. These title tags should accomplish two things:

1. Focus on the individual characteristics of each page

2. Only use each title tag once per page

If you are unsure of what keywords you should use, there are two tools Google provides: Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Bing Webmaster Tools. Just remember, specialize each page with a different title tag. Duplicating any sort of content is considered a bad practice and search engines will penalize your site accordingly.

#3 – Links are the Keywords of Search Engine Results

A key determinant of what position your site appears on Google or Bing are links. By links, we are referring to internal links among your site and inbound links from other websites to your own. A proven marketing strategy is to incorporate three links per piece of content, like a blog post or something similar. These will separate your site from the thousands of others that are in the same boat.

In summary, there are three proven marketing strategies for SEO that will get your website on the right path given significant time constraints or budgets.

1. Figure out where your site is now with Google Index

2. Refine and use your keywords list

3. Incorporate links in your digital strategy

These three steps are just the beginning in forming an SEO strategy, but they will begin to separate you from your competition. Do your research on SEO or reach out to a marketing and advertising agency that serves as experts in the industry.

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