Brace for Impact | Part 3 of 4: Facebook Advertising Trends – Facebook Search Ad Placement

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Welcome back! So far we have covered the value of First-Party Data and how to use it, as well as Special Category Advertisers. Our third Facebook Advertising Trend is new to everyone – we’re talking Facebook Search Ad Placements.

Trend #3: Facebook Search Ad Placements

Ads in Facebook Search Results are now open to all advertisers for a select group of topics! This unit appears in Facebook Newsfeed Ads and across its marketplace, giving you a way to reach users who are looking for something you offer! All Facebook data nerds are rejoicing.

In early February, eMarketer released data that suggests an increase in Facebook’s U.S. net digital ad revenue share to 22.1%, up from 21.8%, also finding Google declined from 38.2% in 2018 to 37.2% in 2019. (Yes, Google search is still king but this is something to watch.)

Some things to note:

  • Search Ads are in addition to Newsfeed Ads. You cannot place Search Ads without a Newsfeed Ad.
  • They are clearly labeled with a Sponsored tag and can be static or carousel. This is especially beneficial for a product ad – for example, you’re searching for shoes and receive a carousel ad of different shoes.
  • Unlike Google AdWords, you cannot target by specific keywords. (Perhaps this will come in the future.) Instead, search ads will show up when relevant to a specific business. This means it’s incredibly important to have your business page as updated as possible with specific information about what you do and offer. Make sure relevant keywords show up somewhere on your page to get the most out of Search Ads.

There’s still little information about Facebook Search Ads, but we will continue to update you as we experiment ourselves. For more information, we like this article by MediaPost.

Next week we tackle the last part of our 4-Part Series on Facebook Advertising Trends: Creative. (Personally, this is one of our favorites because it shows the work we had such a blast putting together!) 


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