Client Success Story: ICSC RECon 2018 Lead Generation Campaign

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3 Days, 3 Messages, 30,000 Square Feet, and 37,000 Attendees

How infinitee Helped Client, Bridgeport Suffolk, Increase Brand Awareness & Generate Leads at ICSC RECon

infinitee client, BECO Asset, wanted to increase brand awareness about their new, 70,000 SF mixed-use development, Bridgeport Suffolk, at the ICSC RECon convention in Las Vegas. ICSC RECon is the world’s largest global gathering of real estate professionals making it the perfect place and time to announce the project. The goal was to generate leads by capturing device IDs during the conference and remarketing viewers for 30-days post RECon encouraging attendees to submit their emails to download a Fact Sheet and garner interest in the project featuring multifamily, retail, and office components.

infinitee capitalized on the opportunity to get in front of a highly targeted audience in one location for a short amount of time. A geofencing campaign was the perfect solution to capture the attention of 37,000 qualified people in 30,000 SF over 3 days. (For those of you who have never experienced RECon… that’s a lot of people in a small space who are on-the-go for 72 hours straight!) We developed a series of 3 brand awareness ads to serve to this highly targeted audience attending the conference via geofencing parameters and captured a pool of device IDs for retargeting.

Remarketing messages were served for 30 days after the conference to re-engage viewers with a CTA to download the Fact Sheet for data capture. (FUN FACT: Only 2% of consumers will convert on the first visit. Retargeting allows for multiple touchpoints on consumers who have previously visited a website leading to stronger CTRs.)

Messages were cleverly developed for maximum relevancy at each touchpoint.

The brand awareness messages included:

  1. New $60 Million Mixed-Use Development.
  2. New 70,000+ SF Class A Development. Retail. Restaurant. Office Space.
  3. New Mixed-Use Development. Walkable. Coastal. Local.

And the retargeting ad messaging included (note the CTAs at the end!):

  1. New $60 Million Mixed-Use Development. Download Fact Sheet
  2. N. Suffolk’s Newest $60 Million Development. (RECON)Nect About Bridgeport. Download Fact Sheet.
  3. New 70,000+ SF Class A Development. Retail. Restaurant. Office Space. Download Fact Sheet.







In just 30 days, infinitee garnered:

  • 415,202 Impressions
  • 1,054 Clicks
  • 0.25% CTR
  • 1,715 New Website Users
  • 2,287 Website Sessions
  • 4,116 Website Pageviews
  • And most importantly… 26 Leads (almost a lead a day!)

All in all, the geofencing campaign accounted for nearly half of the development pageviews from May 20 – June 20, 2018 making it a very successful digital campaign!

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