Digital Media How To’s: Tips on Producing Successful Corporate Videos

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Today’s consumer relies on digital media now more than ever for information and marketers need to take notice of the growing fascination for video to tell their story. Video use has grown substantially as the preferred method for many companies to engage consumers and market their services through a visual medium. One of the most popular digital platforms used is Youtube. Youtube Press recently did a study and found that over 6 billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube (that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth). Additionally, they found that 80% of this traffic comes from outside the US.

According to Forbes, 59% of executives would watch a video instead of a text summary of the same information. It is clear that video is an important marketing strategy to implement in an overall plan. Not only do videos allow for an easy and accessible way to relay information, but it also allows for greater global marketing overcoming many cultural barriers.

Planning and production of a video are exceedingly important considerations as Bulldog Report reports. The following are essential steps to creating the most effective corporate video including important takeaways.

  1. Pack With Content – It is fundamental that you include as much key and interesting information as possible.
  2. Video Length Is Everything – A study done by SingleGrain found that the longer a video drags on, the lower its retention. It also found that videos under 1 minute enjoy 80% viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos 2-3 minutes in length still enjoy 60% retention. In essence, keep your video short to gain the optimum number of viewers.
  3. Quality Over Quantity – A video’s sound and visuals keep your audience engaged, so make sure they are done well. There are plenty of online tools available that can be used to create videos on a limited budget, such as:, and Or you can use an expert digital agency to create more elaborate and customized videos for trade shows, product training, promotions and campaigns.
  4. Location – This tip goes hand in hand with the last point. When filming any video, it is always important to keep in mind the location whether or not the goal of the video warrants location at all. Many videos can be produced using illustration, renderings, and stock images without ever leaving your office.
  5. On-camera Talent – When utilizing on-camera talent, the talent should always be dressed appropriately based on the content and messaging. Generally speaking, in terms of dress, neutral colors are better so as not to distract from the message. In terms of demeanor and preparedness, the talent should rehearse their lines and prompt cards can be used if necessary to help the talent appear natural on screen. The bottom line, the talent should reflect your company.
  6. Strategic Marketing – Use press releases. This gives your audience reliable information on the success of your company. Make sure you also include the logo of your company in the video (the end is a suitable place because it leaves a lasting impression).
  7. SEO Strategy/Title – Use keywords in your title which will help increase traffic to your website after viewing the video.
  8. Interactive Media – Embed your video onto your website in addition placing it on Youtube or another platform. Include a comment and share box for your video.

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