Millennial Trends For Student Housing

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With todays ever growing technology and tech savvy students, it only makes sense that student-housing companies take note and accommodate these students in their love for technology. Some new trends are starting to develop in student housing that will have any techy going nuts. Here’s the list.

1. Pay Online

Many student-housing companies are shifting from the old fashion way of paying rent tomodernized payments online. Philadelphia-based Campus Apartments, the nation’s oldest student housing company, recently added Facebook Connect to its SmartClick payment system. This newly developed system allows for students to pay rent electronically, view their tenant leger and make service requests.

Companies using Facebook has made it extremely easy for students and parents to access their accounts and stay on top of their payments. Social media has been increasingly popular way to get students engaged with their landlords and other tenants.

2. Service at the touch of a button

Many student housing companies are finding that implementing technology into the design not only helps the students but also themselves. By adding in features that allow for students to pay washing machines and other appliances by credit cards make for an easy process for everyone.

Princeton Heartland Payment Systems Campus Solutions recently introduced mobile technology, remote monitoring, and cashless transactions-capabilities to the student laundry services. The system allows for students to pay for laundry services with a debit card instead of cash or coins.

3. Lock by phone

Accessing home security through mobile devices is a new trend in residential real estate that is booming. This has been an exceptionally popular trend among student housing because, let’s face it, some students can be forgetful. The technology allows for instant access to your home security through any mobile. Some systems allow for locking ability on the apps.

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