A New Approach To Recruitment Marketing

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Providing powerfully personalized recruitment marketing services, infinitee leverages three decades of experience connecting brands to prospective employees.

When building a team, companies must balance the goals of the business with the needs of the individual. And they need to remember there’s only one opportunity to make a first impression. That’s why recruitment marketing is so critical, especially in this high-tech age and the historically tight job market.

“Everything has been changing in the job market, from physical office spaces to employee priorities and values,” said Vince Vitti, Vice President of Business Development at infinitee. “The days of a job just being a job are gone; employees are looking for fulfillment. Recruitment is a reflection of the company’s brand so it really needs to be strategic.”

infinitee has taken this to the core, and is now offering recruitment services that apply a customized, successful retail approach to recruitment marketing and talent acquisition.

Recruitment marketing agencies love to say, “You need to treat your employees like your customers,” but how would they really know? They don’t have a generation-plus of experience in the B2B and B2C marketing space. 

On the client-side, you still see traditional, corporate approaches to HR and recruitment. Staid is standard, and checking the job post box often passes for strategy. That includes the healthcare industry, where infinitee has achieved great results with its fresh approach. It recently added the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in South Carolina, to a roster that already includes the fourth-largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the U.S.

“Because of our experience in consumer marketing, we are able to bring marketing and HR to the table and we are seeing success in areas such as an increase in nursing hires and a lower source cost per hire,” Vitti added. “That’s what strong employer branding and recruitment marketing with retail flair and a personal approach can achieve. Staying true to itself, infinitee is here to help the many companies out there that don’t have a strategy for recruitment.”

Personalization was named the No. 1 HR trend for 2019. Fading are the days of standardization or “one size fits all” and the boss trotting out the trite line that “our greatest asset is our people” or some other lip service. Talent can be hard — and expensive — to find given the record low unemployment, and even harder if you’re still relying on antiquated HR and recruitment practices. 

Strong recruitment marketing adoption correlates to positive candidate experience and brand reviews. Whether your business is one of the largest hospital systems in the country, a start-up with a critical expansion need, or anything in between, look to infinitee to create a recruitment marketing plan that delivers. 

infinitee’s service offerings include:

  • Employer Branding
  • Persona Development
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Social Media Content Development 
  • Curation for Social Platforms
  • Quarterly Business Reviews 
  • Best Practice Recruitment Strategies


At infinitee, we’re INto tracking trends that impact our clients. For 30 years, our Atlanta-based agency has helped clients capitalize on trends with branding, marketing, strategy, print and digital media, video and photography services. To learn how we can help your company, call Vince Vitti, VP Business Development at 404-231-3481, x114.


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