Senior Living: 6 Tips for Communicating the “New Normal”

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Change is rarely easy but the acceptance of change will be one of the biggest assets a senior community needs to move forward in the post COVID-19 world.

Though it’s hard to say exactly what the “new normal” will be for senior living communities, that’s okay. It would be impossible to have all the details now. What’s most important is:

  • Keeping residents happy, healthy and safe (which we know is your first priority, now and always!)
  • Sharing and communicating changes and new initiatives frequently to make residents, their family members and prospective new residents feel more confident and informed
  • Creating messaging based on a strong, consistent, recognizable brand and voice

How can your senior living community confidently communicate and adapt to an ever-changing new normal?

Communication will be more important than ever! Here are 6 tips:

  1. Develop a fast-fact sheet highlighting the changes, and an email message to introduce them. This can be updated as time goes by.
  2. Amplify your website and social media channels. An easy-to-use website where important information lives should be front-and-center. Families will be making decisions based on how proactive you are; your website will be one of their first stops. Before the pandemic, users had a short attention span – spending about a minute or less on a website, but today, screen time is valuable – it is digital real estate. You will want to be sure to publish content that will keep them on the site longer generating conversions.
  3. Utilize video. To give a personal touch in a landscape of reduced personal contact, use custom video which can be utilized on your website and in social media too!
  4. Employ positivity. Consider developing a new icon/tag that reflects the new normal in a positive and hopeful way.
  5. Explore digital marketing & advertising. With physical distancing protocols, which are expected to be around for quite some time, people will become even more used to gathering information and making decisions online. Consider how tools like video display advertising, mobile advertising and paid search can help you connect with highly targeted prospects. 
  6. Claim, prioritize  and manage online reputation management. We anticipate that online reviews will continue to grow as a means for prospects to vet your community. Have a dedicated person monitoring your online reputation and showing your responsiveness. Here are our 5 best practices for online reputation management 

As businesses, we cannot control the virus. But we can control how we react, respond and move forward. What will be the game changer? Strategy and communication! We know your protocols and intentions will be geared towards continuing to keep your residents safe and healthy—and we want to help you share these important messages to the benefit of your brand.

At infinitee, we are here to help you assess and adjust to the new normal.

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