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Two conferences in two months! It has been a busy time at infinitee. Several weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on the CampusConnex conference, and now it’s time to reflect on my nuggets of wisdom regarding talent acquisition from the SOAHR SHRM Atlanta Conference.

Whatever industry you are in, most likely you are not immune to the talent shortage. But this conference was more about finding a needle in a haystack – it was mission-focused. The sessions I attended included Predictive Analytics, The Introverted Leader, and Megatrends in the U.S. workforce.

1. Predictive Analytics
WCN has developed an algorithm, which combined with filtering tools, lets you zero in on the right candidates faster. Machine-based decisions vs. humans – what are the benefits? They include the reduction of unconscious bias and enhanced diversity with a machine-learning based algorithm, and greater insight into which candidate characteristics score strongest and why.

2. The Introverted Leader
(One of my favorite sessions because I live in between being an extrovert and an introvert.) Fun fact: Most HR leaders are stereotyped as being introverted which is good because these leaders:

  • Display quiet strength in times of difficulty.
  • Tend to be better listeners and think before speaking.
  • Frustrate the extroverted leader – “why don’t you say anything?” (This is my favorite.)
  • Are private at first and tend to have a low key emotional expression.
  • Prefer writing over speaking. (not me)
  • Enjoy communal solitude – love being surrounded by people but away from the noise.
  • Are most likely to suffer from people exhaustion and the pressure to self-promote.

3. Megatrends – Global Trends that will Redefine the Work, the Workers, and the Workplace by Dr. Shelton Goode.
My top takeaways include:

  • The massive shift in the U.S. population by 2020 – non-Hispanic whites will decrease by 20% and Hispanics/Latinos will increase by 50%.
  • Women, people of color, and immigrants comprise 70% of new entrants into the workforce.
  • Millennials will constitute a larger segment of the workforce outpacing Gen Xers by 30 million workers.
  • The mass exodus of non-Hispanic white workers age 55 to 65 will disrupt the following industries: utilities, mining, education, public administration, transportation, and manufacturing.
  • The unemployment rate is projected to be about 4.7% in 2020. The rate will move steadily lower. By 2040, unemployment will be the lowest since 2007.
  • In 2020, the desire to have a corporate job for men and women will drop 15%. (I want a mission-focused life!)
  • Increased diversity tensions – diversity tension refers to the stress and strain that can accompany interactions between different cultures and generations and is a natural outgrowth of bringing multiple cultures and generations together which may have different perspectives regarding work. Diversity tension is neither bad nor good, it simply is.

So, what do we do and how can you help your organization?

  • Take steps to be more inclusive and recruit from all sectors of society (Do all of your positions require a college degree? Check out this group of young adults who can bring real-world experience to your company with an alternative education.)
  • Develop an employer brand that is inclusive and speaks to multi-generations.
  • Recognize the importance of cultural and diversity nuances in all recruiting efforts.
  • Recruit, retain, and treat your teammates like your customers!

Vince Vitti is not a blog writer and on most days is caught between communal isolation and people exhaustion. However, he loves his job and would love to speak with you about your talent needs.


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