Top 10 List: Senior Living Activities During COVID-19

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We admire the way senior living communities care so deeply for their residents all the time, but we are simply awed by the way you’ve stepped up during these COVID-19 times.

While social distancing measures are currently necessary for safety, this doesn’t mean joy, laughter and smiles need to fall to the wayside! Hopefully you have ideas aplenty to keep residents entertained and engaged during COVID-19—but if not, we hope ours will add some inspiration.

How can you keep residents entertained while sticking to social distancing measures? We have ideas!

Here’s our top 10 list of activities for senior living communities during COVID-19:

NOTE: For all activities, it will be necessary to follow CDC recommended guidelines and maintain small groups and respect social distancing.

  1. Springtime parade given by staff. Go to each area of the facility with small instruments and play music—or use a portable speaker. Or, if you’ve got talented team members who sing, dance or play instruments, let them lead the way!
  2. Warm-weather outdoor fun. Go to outside enclosed areas of the facility and play games using small water pistols or bubble machines. Or have an outdoor dance party!
  3. Get floral with craft time. Flowers are vibrant and hopeful. And even fake flowers provide so many fun and colorful possibilities. Buy an assortment of fake flowers, and in small groups make crafts (spring hats, flower arrangements, bouquets or floral pins for caregivers).
  4. Live virtual showcases. We hope you’ve been able to set up virtual visitations. Let’s go a step further! Arrange for virtual events via a computer connected to a TV in small communal areas. This could be anything from a grandchild giving a concert, or a comedian telling jokes. Just because they can’t be there in person doesn’t mean they can’t entertain.
  5. Tastes from around the world. We love any excuse for a tea party and a cookie. From the comfort of your community room, give residents a taste of treats from around the world. A taste of England: Tea and English biscuits or A taste of Italy: Biscotti and cappuccinos. You can incorporate videos about each type of food or country of origin. Belgian chocolate. Greek baklava. There are so many delicious options!
  6. Cultural exploration. From zoos, museums, aquariums, operas and more, so many cultural and educational experiences are available online. Here is a great list of cultural resources.
  7. Ice cream socials. In small groups, have an ice cream party outside. The more toppings the better! It could also be an egg cream party or root beer float party. Whatever will make your residents smile.
  8. Wednesday Walkabouts. Lead a guided tour in the wings of the facility (where all residents go one way just like grocery stores are doing now). Arrange it so “surprises” are found at certain intervals. A box of snacks with a note, some drawings made by family members, a flower for each of the attendees, etc.
  9. Stretching, Yoga or Meditation. Has there ever been a more important time for calm and mindfulness? Incorporate guided activities done by either a team member or virtually. Here’s a video that leads chair exercises. And Calm is a great app for learning meditation.
  10. Coloring. We love how soothing and enjoyable coloring is. Your residents can do this while maintaining social distance, either on actual printable coloring sheets, or on their tablets or smart phones.

With our utmost appreciation and gratitude, thank you for keeping our loved ones safe, healthy and happy!

If you need help engaging residents, we can customize a program for you. Set up a quick chat with Vince Vitti; he’ll be happy to speak to you directly and see what’s possible.


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