Top 5 Reasons Why infinitee’s Summer Internship is a Must Consider


Summer internships tend to evoke polar opinions within people. You either loved yours or hated it. Maybe they offered you your first full time position or maybe you learned that the field that was your “passion” really isn’t all you thought it would be. I could drone on about the nuances, projects, and experiences that made my past summer so great but your eyes would probably glaze over. 

So, instead, here are the top five reasons you should seriously consider the summer internship program at infinitee.

#1 The Environment

Both external and internal, the workplace environment breathes professionalism and fun! The infinitee office is located at Piedmont Center – where you are surrounded by greenspace, trails, and within walking distance of some great eats and venues. But it’s not just the office that is great, it’s the people and the culture within it. infinitee’s open floor plan within the office and cast of characters that inhabit it make it alive and an upbeat place to work.


#2 The People

The cast of characters I just mentioned are truly infinitee’s greatest asset. They have an incredible team – each with their own defining skills, passions and background. From Kelly’s charm to Vince’s razor sharp wit. Then you have Lynn’s motherly nature along with Marcia and Chelsea’s attention to detail. Micheal brings the creative heat to match the cool leadership that stems from Barbara and Jocelyn’s years of industry experience. All-in-all every employee has something powerful to bring to the table, and each and every one of them was more than willing to help me learn and grow.


#3 The Exposure

I was exposed to all facets of the business and agency operations during my internship. My official title and responsibilities had me working on new business development with Vince but my actual work took me much further. I was given the opportunity to sit in on sales meetings as well as creative design meetings. I worked in data analysis and in creative research. I went to client meetings and attended business expos. The ability to see so much through every lense is a priceless experience.

#4 The Development

At infinitee you’re not just an intern, you’re also a student. During my time there, I was often given a project, some overall direction and then told to run with it and make it my own. Afterwards, I would meet with Vince (or the team member who assigned the task), walk them through what I did and why, and then we would workshop the details from that point. The way he, and every employee, would give me autonomy and then follow it up with advice creates an incredible environment to grow your skills and an invaluable “real-world” experience.


#5 The Opportunities

To be transparent, this is more than your typical office monkey internship. infinitee expects you to do big things and so they give you big opportunities. In my time with the team, I was able to attend a Bisnow State of The Market conference in downtown Atlanta, help name a room in a multimillion dollar development, meet titans of the industry, and learn things that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. infinitee is truly a company that cares about its interns and their future. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve given me but this testimony is a start.

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