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American Seniors Housing Association, Washington, DC

Transforming Perceptions of Seniors Housing

American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA) is an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of housing specifically designed to serve the needs of seniors across the full-spectrum of continuing care retirement facilities. ASHA sought out our team’s expertise in developing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) style campaign that would redefine the perception of seniors housing across the full landscape of communities.

Shifting the paradigm of a multi-generation perception of seniors housing started with strong positioning and photography. In looking at the landscape of adult children and highly professional seniors looking to make these life changes, it’s clear that this new wave of seniors is anything but sedentary. They’re energetic, active, enjoy personal hobbies (and have the time to do them), and thrive on being in social communities with like-minded people.

While this campaign never took flight, our team was able to help shed a new and positive light on the seniors housing industry and position this chapter of life as not a finale, but a new vibrant beginning.

American Senior Housing Association