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Kairos Development, Cumming, Georgia

Built For the Forward Moving Spirit

Reconstructed at the crossroads of passion and purpose, East Point Exchange (EPX), a development brought to life by Kairos Development Corporation, is a testament to the hands of iron and hearts of gold that first built the historic city of East Point, Georgia. 150 years later, EPX disrupts the mainstream eat-play-stay districts with a powerful intent — to reconnect doers, makers, risk-takers and innovators with the benefits of Main Street living.

EPX is an eclectic blend of life, livelihood, and laid-back living. From workdays to weekends, the East Point Exchange community echoes with the rhythm of passing trains and the comfort of common ground.

Our team worked to bring the brand to life through strong marketing positioning, high-impact visuals that played on the old and the new, photography that captured the essence of the community of doers, and the subsequent collateral needed to go to market.

"We have partnered with the Infinitee team to enhance our property branding strategy in both print and online media. The level of service we have received from the Infinitee team has been extraordinary. Infinitee has added an extremely talented and creative approach to our property branding. The team members are dedicated to helping us achieve our goals within our time frame. I would absolutely recommend Infinitee to any businesses looking to take their brand to the next level."

East Point Exchange