We are Infinitee

We are a team of seasoned professionals whose collaborative efforts help our clients thrive through innovative, creative, highly-engaging and high-impact marketing strategies.

what’s in a name
– everything

Infinitee. Our name perfectly embodies our teams’ belief in endless possibilities and great ideas. We approach each new project, whether for existing clients or new brands, with the same ‘limitless possibilities’ mentality and then strategically drill down to the best, most effective, efficient and (most importantly) innovative tactics to help our clients succeed. 

We are brand makers, storytellers and creative advocates for your business. We take pride in not only building unique and compelling brands that excel, but also maintaining your brand’s integrity at every turn. 

Branding is our thing, and it has been for more than 31 years. Our Atlanta-based agency has helped brands large and small solve complex marketing problems and, as we’ve expanded our client-base and expertise, we’ve built a reputation of not only delivering measurable results, but doing so with a personal touch – and having fun along the way.

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what we do

Every brand has a unique story and we help tell it through compelling creative, a diverse media mix and good old fashioned hard work. Our diverse team brings unique perspectives and expertise to the table for each and every project. We immerse ourselves in a brand, its competition, vision and potential, and then collaboratively develop strategic marketing plans and campaigns that tell a consistent story across every consumer interaction and…drum roll…drive REAL results. 

We’re always in pursuit of the next big thing. We’re a team of trendwatchers, planners, number crunchers and creatives who thrive on great work, rewarding relationships (with our team and our clients) and a lot of caffeine.

Brand Building

It’s our passion and what we’ve built our reputation on. Whether its crafting a new brand from scratch or refreshing a brand that may need a facelift to better resonate with the right audiences, we develop high-impact visual identity materials and strategic brand positioning based on our clients’ unique vision and growth objectives. Dynamic creative concepts, strategic planning and integrated campaigns come together to create awareness and spark growth for our clients.

Retail Marketing

Using the right mix of retail design, planning and visual merchandising, we help our clients develop and execute branded environments that produce positive experiences and generate repeat customer visits. We identify key opportunities to develop interactive design and infuse technology into consumers’ in-store experiences – weaving the digital experience they’ve come to know with the more traditional retail setting.


Consumer engagement. It’s a common phrase in today’s marketing world but how do you actually get your consumers to engage with your brand? Carefully curated, interactive experiences and events that are immersive, memorable and shareable are just a few ways that we help our clients engage with their customers. Whether B2B or B2C focused, we identify opportunities for unique activations that allow our clients to reach their consumers in ways that form a connective experience and which inspire and drive measurable action.

Digital Marketing

Positive digital experiences are a must in today’s world. And, good news, there are endless opportunities for digital interaction with your audience. From website design and development to interactive digital experiences in physical locations, we create dynamic and positive user experiences online or on-the-go that are fully optimized, allow for retargeting opportunities to reinforce our clients’ brands and which drive engagement with end-users.

Content Development

A diverse mix of photography, video, social media and blog posts all make up content opportunities for a brand. Our team is well-versed in maximizing assets for shareable content that is both on brand and engaging. We identify and develop the right content, whether visual, written or both, efficiently and effectively to help tell our clients’ brand story across the entire media mix.

Beyond Traditional

Are you looking for a unique idea to activate your brand or have a vision that you’re not quite sure how to launch? Let us show you what we can do! Through a comprehensive discovery process and deep dive into your brand, we’ll develop and implement a custom strategy that uses cutting-edge technologies to help you achieve your goals.

Recruitment Marketing

Hiring and retaining top talent in today’s marketplace is a real challenge. It takes a cohesive and strategic marketing plan to locate, recruit and hire the right talent – and then you have to keep them. Through employer branded marketing campaigns, carefully curated content development, the right media mix and a solid plan for implementing best practices, we’ve helped clients with talent acquisition, employer brand development and recruitment marketing campaigns that have delivered the best the talent pool has to offer.