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Content marketers committed to attracting more eyes to their brands should keep a firm focus on these market movements and preferences.

Companies have always aimed to attract, engage and retain customers. In the digital age, the sales funnel — getting people to know the brand, then progress to liking, trusting and finally buying from it — can start anywhere at any second.

That’s why it’s important to have a strong content marketing strategy so a company, by creating and sharing articles, videos and other media, can get noticed and known by people whenever and wherever and grow that connection to bigger business. Ella Neale of Relevance has suggested the following content marketing trends for proven brand success:

1. Personalization

Content marketing is no secret obviously; you can tell by the sheer volume of multi-channel messages aiming to make an impression. How do you stand out from the barrage of business messages out there? Personalize!

There’s no greater connection than a personal one. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience, according to Epsilon. And this is not just about including the target customer’s name on a mailer or e-blast. As Neale explains, the “hyper-personalization” approach is “data-driven, utilizing consumer data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to create bespoke client interactions. Digital marketers can consider their buyer’s characteristics and cater to everything from content and design to product recommendations.”

2. Localization

The pandemic should’ve taught brands many things, including the importance of localized and unique experiences. When millions of consumers were shut down and socially distanced, they yearned for experiences and had little more to consider than what was local to them. In addition to personalization, an effective localization strategy should modify content and adjust channels to appeal to the target audiences’ preferences or local customs.

3. The Metaverse

While the graybeards among us were deriding the utility of this shared virtual space, an estimated 85 million people used augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) in 2021, according to Forbes. The numbers don’t lie. Neale asserts that digital marketers must understand the nuances of the metaverse to take advantage of its growth, including, for example, creating digital experiences that parallel your brand’s real-world experiences.

4. Sustainability

The trust part of the sales funnel looms even larger these days as Millennials, Gen Z and alphas want to know that the brands they’re patronizing really care, especially about the environment. Neale cites an Accenture study that found that 63% of consumers prefer to support purpose-driven brands and will reject those that don’t show real, quantifiable commitment to green causes. Just look to the rise of ESG (environmental, social and governance) investments and protocols in recent years.

Like a company’s overall operations, content marketers should explore how to use resources more responsibly. Neale offers the re-commerce alternative, a second-hand buying approach that has been found to help reduce fashion’s carbon emissions by up to 90%, according to a global marketplace for pre-owned styles.

5. Inclusivity

The social part of ESG stands for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), which are big priorities for Millennials, now three years into being the nation’s largest living adult generation. Traditional marketing messaging would miss from the standpoint of access and representation. Have you assessed your content marketing efforts through a DEI lens? As Neale says, customers identify with brands when they see people like themselves reflected in the marketing.

“You never want to miss an opportunity to establish your expertise, promote brand awareness and keep your business top of mind, but while those goals remain the same your content marketing tactics must evolve and be responsive to the latest trends and market shifts,” said Michael Rivera, Infinitee’s Creative Director. “Our limitless possibilities mindset embraces this reactive impetus and then forges ahead with innovative ideas for high-engagement branding solutions.”


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