How To Optimize Your Brand’s Instagram Strategy

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Followers feel that they can connect more with the brand on a more personal level through lightly branded pictures

#TBT to when MySpace was the only major player on the social media front. With ever changing popular culture come new social platforms for the public to voice its opinions. In order for a business to truly stay relevant, it is vital to maintain a compelling and inviting presence on these innovative mediums, such as Instagram. infinitee provides the best strategies in order to optimize your company’s efforts on this popular platform.

Here are 3 ways to utilize Instagram to its full potential:

1. Lightly Branded Engagement:

Instagram users respond best to posts that seem personal with subtle undertones of branding.

Why it works: Followers feel that they can connect more with the brand on a more personal level through lightly branded pictures and engagement instead of a strictly promotional advertisement. Ben & Jerry’s depicts this perfectly with a photo of their packaging garnering 3,658 less likes than a creative photo of their ice cream. This builds brand loyalty and positive attitudes towards the company.

infinitee_Instagram for Brands infinitee_Instagram for Brands

2. Create an Environment Conducive to Conversation:

Engage with customers and other followers on your account through comments, likes, regrams, etc.

Why it works: Having an open line of communication between customers and a company makes the company appear transparent and likeable. This allows a positive, trusting relationship to develop between the company and follower.

3. Manage Outgoing Messages through Images:

Instagram is an effective platform to disseminate short, light-hearted messages from the company.

Why it works: Studies have shown that people are more drawn to image assets. This means that a company’s messages are more likely to be engaging to consumers if associated with an image – making Instagram an ideal platform.

infinitee_Instagram for Brands

As shown in the infographic, Instagram has many benefits for companies seeking to employ a B2C social media strategy. By creating transcendent topics and light-hearted, subtly branded content, your company can engage an ever-growing audience directly from their fingertips.

Contact infinitee today to fully customize these tactics to suit the marketing challenges you face in your industry, as well as implement these strategies into your company’s social media management for maximum optimization.


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