4 Tips for Navigating Social Media During COVID-19

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that these are unprecedented and uncharted times for all of us. As we navigate the uncertainty and constantly evolving landscape from personal, professional and business perspectives, let’s all take a deep breath and remember that we’re #inthistogether.

Over the past few weeks, our team has been monitoring the marketing landscape, keeping a close eye on trends and industry predictions, and working collaboratively with clients across all verticals to help them navigate their messaging and crisis communication behind the COVID-19 situation. Needless to say, social media has been (and will continue to be) a huge part of this communication strategy.

Audiences are turning to social media for the most up-to-date news and business information, as well as personal interactions, lighthearted and uplifting messages, and a host of other activities as they look to fill their #WorkFromHome time during this period of Social Distancing.

Many experts are anticipating another 30-90 days of this new normal and, with that in mind, we wanted to share 4 tips for navigating social media during this time.

Here’s what we’re seeing and have found to be most engaging, impactful and effective so far.

01. Do NOT go quiet.

During this time it’s important to stay active on social media and to adjust your social approach. Keep it upbeat, honest and authentic. Some of the top posts we’re seeing also layer in humor, where appropriate.

02. Be engaging in an organic way.

Everyone is looking for human interaction and a personal connection. Asking questions in post copy such as “what are some of the things you've been doing to stay productive while working from home?” not only engage your followers but also adds an important WE CARE element to your social messaging. On that same note, keep up with the national “celebrations”. For instance, National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week are the first two weeks of May. This is an important message and stance that all brands can take to show support to the healthcare industry and essential workers during this time.

Audiences across all industries need to know that they are not alone - even if we are all separated right now.

03. Virtual is the new norm - embrace it now.

Online usage and shopping has increased and is expected to steadily grow as we continue through this situation. This is especially important for our retail based clients but also has important applications for other industries as well.

If you’re a shopping center brand, use social media to create and sustain consumer engagement for online retail offerings and push dining options for your tenant mix. With curbside services and carry out quickly becoming the only out-of-home experiences for your consumers, they are craving details and opportunities to have a “normal” dining experience - even if it’s only to pick it up and return home. And chances are, your restaurants are getting very creative with their offerings so share that with your social following!

We’re also seeing a trend toward virtual tours, appointments, etc. for the senior living, multifamily, and commercial real estate industries as well to keep the sales funnel going during this time. The most important thing you can do to support your brand during this time is to be solutions oriented for your audiences but in an authentic way.

04. Create messaging that is on brand and purposeful.

It sounds obvious, right? The temptation is to react quickly but your brand identity is no less important now than it was pre COVID-19. Your messaging and content strategy needs to be purposeful and strategic but your audiences still need to know it’s YOUR brand. Consider creating templates for each post type, adjusting your weekly content categories, etc. and continue planning your content as you normally would have. The brands that do this well will stand out and rise to the top!

We hope that you can put some of these tips to use during this time. And if you have any questions or would like to chat with our team on how you can best implement any of these for your brand, we’re all a phone call or video chat way.

Stay safe and stay healthy!