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While location was once a key factor in attracting tenants and residents, a growing trend in best-in-class amenities programs and offerings is emerging. In an increasingly competitive real estate environment, attracting (and retaining) top-tier talent, tenants, and residents means giving them more – more access, more activities, and more amenities.

Today, we’re exploring amenities programs we’re watching and sharing what you can expect from this growing trend.

What’s Driving the Amenities Race?

In an age of same-day Amazon deliveries and smartphone apps that give us instant access to personalized recommendations, tenants, residents, and employees alike, we’ve come to expect similar experiences in our work lives.

The live-work-play model in real estate is one-way property owners and managers are addressing these demands and, in turn, shaping the growing trend in amenities. This model considers all of the activities employees complete outside of business hours and brings them into a centralized location within the properties themselves.  These properties, which are beginning to resemble communities more than commercial or apartment buildings, are also expanding services to meet the preferences of a changing workforce and personalize the services offered to them.

The Accesso Club is one such example. This new amenities program helps employees find a balance between their work and personal lives, and is available at all of Accesso’s premier properties nationwide as part of their membership. The state-of-the-art program provides access to fitness centers, personal development classes, tenant lounges, co-working spaces and even discounted event tickets.

Convenience & Concierge  

Employees are working longer shifts than ever before and the time allocated for outside activities is shrinking. With the explosion of Amazon and other instant access services, landlords are modeling similar programs to provide conveniences that enhance employee experiences. Some properties and communities are even offering concierge programs that give residents and employees the option of having an assistant who can run errands for them.

Fitness & Wellness

Onsite gyms that once boasted a few pieces of cardio equipment and free weights are being replaced with full-scale fitness centers complete with a wider array of equipment, classes, towel service, and even dedicated personal trainers. Yoga classes and meditation studios are becoming a new normal and access to nature and outdoor wellness areas are now included in even the most urban areas. Employees are not only benefiting from health and wellness centric  activities that often equate to less absenteeism – but they are also staying on property longer.

Eating & Experiences

Across the country, dining options are growing from simple grab-and-go carts to full-service, made-to-order bistros. Gourmet coffee shops and cold-pressed juice bars are only an elevator ride away, and food trucks and rotating vendors give employees access to regional and national food choices throughout the year. In many locations, smartphone apps communicate available food options and allow employees to order ahead of time.

Even after work, happy hours are now opportunities to stay – and play – for longer. Now employees can leave work, enjoy dinner from a variety of restaurants and even take in a round of miniature golf – all without leaving a single location.

Communicating the Changes

As more properties adopt amenities programs, the race to stand out will become even more competitive. The challenge for property managers and marketing teams will be not only identifying the most robust amenities programs to offer, but also creating innovative ways to market those offerings to new tenants, residents, and existing employees. Branding initiatives and onsite signage are just the tip of the iceberg for promoting these new services and developing comprehensive campaigns ahead of new program rollouts will increase employee adoption.

Old styles of communicating will be replaced with customized apps and integrated social strategies and a focus on leveraging technology will be paramount in meeting the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy workforce.

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