Real Estate Trend: Millennials Influence Office Space Design and Functionality

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The millennial generation is influencing design and functionality of office environments. This age group born between 1981 and 2000 represents 38% of the work force. The older age bracket of this group, those in their mid-30’s, are demanding innovative space planning and amenities. Employers need to realize the need to appeal to this demographic group.

“Real estate decisions regarding office space are also being driven by fierce competition for employee recruitment and retention” according to Ada Healey, Vice President of Real Estate at Seattle-based owner/developer Vulcan Inc.

An office floor plan and design has always been an essential factor in attracting notable and highly recruited job candidates.  Savvy companies acknowledge this fact by incorporating new innovations into their workspace centered on the idea of a work-life atmosphere. Meaning that Millennials not only want a place to work but a place to live, work and play as evident in recent year’s top real estate marketing ideas for mixed-used including the trendy open-office space design.

Not only do these creative real estate marketing strategies include revolutionary use of technology but they also capitalize on the new “lifestyle” that attracts millennials. A GlenStar property in Chicago, 55 East, plans on adding a number of new amenities for the younger worker including a 4,000-square-foot bike room on the property. This collaboration of amenities and technology promote flexibility and a balance in work and lifestyle.

“We are seeing office tenants across all industries focusing on space optimization, increased collaboration, enhanced culture, employee wellness and the ability to attract, engage and retain top talent,” Gary Baragona, Director of Research and Analysis for CBRE, stated.

Real estate marketers are finding creative and inventive ways to portray these changes they are making to attract millennials in terms of office space and design. By collaborating with advertising agencies and social media strategists, they are beginning to effectively promote this real work-life atmosphere to millennials via touchpoints this group engages in everyday.

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