The Tech Revolution Affecting the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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Recent CRE marketing trends and technological innovations are about to change the way highly data driven, mobile and collaborative, commercial real estate companies do business. Over the past decade, a rise in competition and institutionalization of the real estate asset class has transformed the CRE industry. The shift towards a desire for portfolio visibility, data analytics and workflow optimization has triggered an unprecedented thirst for CRE-specific technology.

Twenty years following the launch of Craigslist—the pioneer technology in transitioning the CRE industry from its pen-and-paper norm—buyers now have all sorts of tools at their fingertips. How real estate brokers research and share information with prospective clients and their respective companies is easier and more collaborative, delivering real-time solutions on the go.

Some of these technologies enable the client or end-user to find and explore information on their own. The CRE industry has been traditionally a relationship based, depth of experience industry for most companies, but brokers should take note of these latest innovations and start accessing and using them to stay ahead of the curve and competition (which may also include your client):

  • Reonomy’s comprehensive and validated data coupled with powerful analytics enables CRE investors and lenders to make faster, more secure, and informed decisions.
  • CompStak uses a crowd-sourced model to gather real estate information that is hard to come by, difficult to compile, or otherwise unavailable through the exchange of commercial lease comps.  Users receive points for submitting comps and may use those points to buy other comps. The result – a comprehensive database of all of the commercial lease deals completed in a given market.
  • TenantRex enables companies to manage the data that is important to them online, and access it across office boundaries to protect the confidentiality of their clients.
  • Floored is an interactive solution to touring a space before it is repositioned or even built via a browser or mobile device.
  • With over $200 million in deal flow to date, The Honest Buildings Network connects the real estate industry to information on over 20 million buildings and the most relevant industry professionals to enable decision makers to find the best building solutions, fast.
  • Hightower is improving leasing workflow by providing landlords and their broker’s information that will allow them to collaborate on deals in real time. This technology allows for owners to see all their properties in one place and compare deal flow and progress from one to another.
  • PiinPoint helps companies find and select their next physical location with 80% accuracy. Its technology helps retailers looking to relocate, expand or close, predict future sales and check out new locations, factoring in geographic and demographic variables.
  • Desktime allows agents to assist clients looking to convert unused office space into co-working space.
  • connects clients with potential investors and lenders and allows buyers to act as their own real estate agents by creating accounts to monitor new listings that meet their filtered criteria.
  • Matterport and Oculus are both technologies that create virtual tours of properties allowing prospective tenants to take tours from the comfort of their own home.

These technological tools will allow for better transactions, improved process management and information aggregation and sharing for the future CRE industry. These rising trends paired with the CRE technological revolution also create improved transparency for the real estate industry. With this year’s investments in real estate tech startups on track for more than $1.4 billion, it remains imperative that brokers and buyers stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends in the industry.

Keeping abreast of the latest innovations is critical for commercial real estate companies and partnering with experts in real estate marketing solutions can keep your firm at the forefront of the industry and ahead of the curve. If you have any further question regarding how infinitee can support your CRE company’s marketing needs, please contact Jocelyn Smith at 404.231.3481 ext. 119.


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