Video Series Part 3: 8 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

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As a recap, we have been discussing the impact of video marketing on your brand, different types of videos to consider, and who can benefit from implementing videos in their marketing strategy.

Video is an investment — but one with the most legs. When storyboarding a new video, think about where the video will live and how many places you can use the video assets – web, social media, email, digital ads, etc.

Now let’s consider the best options for video to live in your marketing strategy.

  1. Pitches

There’s no doubt that video is leading the way as an innovative means of engaging prospects and customers. Brokers can use video to sell space allowing prospects to picture their store, restaurant or employees there. Developers can use video to sell their vision to a city and/or partners. Apartments/Condominiums/Senior Living Communities can showcase what it’s like to be a resident. Shopping centers and retailers can show the overall experience customers will have onsite – how many brands they can shop, benefits of being able to try things on, the best restaurants, excellent service, etc.

  1. Blogs

If you could choose text or video for the same subject, what would you choose? As we mentioned in Part 1 of this video blog series, 43% of people say video is more memorable than text (18%) and images (36%). But do keep in mind, videos should be supplementary to your blog post writing and not an entire blog post translated into a video (that’s why we decided not to turn this blog post into an infomercial). “Vlogging” has also become increasingly popular for companies and influencers to stay current and connect with their current fan base and prospective customers, and it can also drive customers back to your website to learn more.

  1. Email Marketing

Using the word ‘video’ in the subject line of an email increases open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% (it must have worked because you opened and clicked through). Video in email has the ability to drive attention where marketers want it to go and effectively deliver the message they want to convey to the viewers they specifically want to target. Videos are a strategic move to increase engagement by encouraging viewers to go to a website and social channels as well. And here’s a tip: Add social share buttons at the beginning and end of your video to bring in more views.

  1. Website

One of the best ways to capture and then keep the attention of someone who lands on your webpage is with visually stimulating content. And the obvious solution… video! The video types best for a website platform are testimonials, product demonstrations, company profiles, culture videos, vlogs, and Facebook Live posts. According to Visually “video content can increase conversions by 80% or more”, meaning more subscribers, followers and/or buyers after they watch your video.

  1. Speaking/Exhibiting Opportunities

Have a CEO or a Project Manager who doesn’t mind being the face of what’s going on? Supply them with a video at their next engagement and their audience will be 65% more likely to remember what they said 3 days later. (source: Brain Rules) The power of pairing visuals with words is truly worth the investment.

Types of Video: Speaking/Exhibiting Opportunities

  1. Social Media

Think about it…when you log into social media, what captures your attention the most? Video. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has over 8 billion average daily video views with an estimated 100 million hours of video watched per day. That’s a ton of video! What’s even crazier is Facebook found that viewers, on average, only watch the first 10 seconds. How do you create engaging content in only 10 seconds? This is where GIFs come into play.

River Oaks Shopping Center

Creating your own GIFs can be beneficial as you control your brand and encourage engagement with viewers only watching for such a short period of time. As seen in Part 1, our video accounted for video accounted for 76.35% of all impressions for Coconut Creek’s event marketing efforts. Photoshop has the capability to create GIFs by uploading your images and making frames from layers. Just choose the number of times you’d like it to loop and voila!  

  1. Digital Ads

Imagine shopping for a pair of shoes, and as you navigate throughout the internet, a video ad pops up of those exact same shoes being worn. Maybe you visited a careers website and are later served a video showing a tour of the exact job and location you were interested in. Would this capture your attention? We recently incorporate video into our digital advertising program for valued client, Grand Boulevard Town Center, and in just two weeks the video ads generated nearly 326,000 impressions operating at an 81% completion rate!

  1. Television Spots

Television spots are another medium to integrate video into your marketing strategy. When we film national television spots for our client Tanger Outlets, we produce a storyboard prior to filming. After the video shoot, we are able to capture so much more than just the video alone. For example, our production team is able to pull clips of the video and the social team translates those images into social media content, digital ads, and so much more. By creating a storyboard upfront and strategizing each video, you are able to determine the best ways to optimize your use of video and effectively utilize your resources. Repurposing this content, whether into still images or GIFs, allows for brand consistency, greater opportunities for reach outside of video postings alone and ultimately more engagement and impressions with your audience.

To discuss a strategy on the best ways for your company to utilize videos to help increase business, contact Vince.

And now on to the final installment of our 4-part video series: How to Create Effective Videos

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